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How to remove nail polish from clothing effectively?

September 30, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

When painting, nail polish was smeared on your clothes? How annoying, but with our tips suggested by laundromat near me, you will get rid of the stains.

Remove liquid with nail polish:

All liquid funds can be applied in the same way. These include nail polish remover, pure acetone, benzine, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Attention: For some products, you should wear gloves to prevent skin irritation.

All remedies should be tested in a concealed location before use:

- Particularly well suited to a hidden point on the hem.

- Give a little of the remedy on it and wait a while.

 Pay attention to whether the fabric warps, fades or edges arise.

- Take several layers of kitchen paper.

- Lay the garment on the kitchen towel so that the stain rests directly on it.

- Put the agent on a cloth.

- Dab the stain with the cloth on the left side of the fabric.

- Work your way through from the outside to the inside.

- In between, move the kitchen towel or put a new one underneath so more can be absorbed by the nail polish.

- Repeat steps 4 to 6 until the stain no longer rubs off.

- Rinse the fabric under cold water.

- Wash your garment as usual in the washing machine. Do not forget to clean your washing machine regularly.

- With sprays against nail polish on clothes

- Remove nail polish with spray

Hair and insect sprays also help against nail polish stains:

- Place the fabric with the stain on a kitchen towel. The stain should rest on the kitchen paper with the stained side.

- Spray the spray on a toothbrush.

- Rub the toothbrush in a circular motion on the stain. Apply little pressure to avoid damaging the fabric.

- Reposition the kitchen towel over and over so that enough of the nail polish can be absorbed.

- If no more paint comes out, rinse the garment with cold water.

- Wash the clothes as usual in the normal laundry.

- Prevent stains from nail polish.

To save yourself the effort in the future, you should make some arrangements:

Paint on tiles in the bathroom. Here it is easier to remove nail polish stains than from carpet and upholstery.

Put on clothes that may be stained.

Alternatively, you can cover yourself with an old cloth or kitchen paper.

In case your clothes are stained from nail polish, do not hesitate to use laundromat near me service.