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About yacht charter in Greece

October 3, 2019 by Glain max  


If you are looking for a new adventure at sea for the summer, do not hesitate to rent a yacht charter in Greece. With such varied wind conditions, Greece is a fantastic place for all sailors. 

Those who have a beginner level but who wish to improve their navigation technique can enjoy the mainland coast of the Saronic Gulf or try out of the Ionian Islands. 

Experienced sailors can look for adventures in the Cyclades Islands and the Dodecanese while discovering the spectacular expanses of sand that border these paradisiacal islands. Renting a luxury yacht charter in Greece is a truly a unique experience.

You can rent a sailboat with us almost anywhere in Greece. No need to worry about mooring costs in Greece. It is almost never necessary to pay for the mooring and, in case of the local authorities charge for the mooring, it is usually nominal.

The climate in Greece:

Wind conditions can vary in Greece. The Meltemi wind is the summer wind and is most present from June, while in July and August it is usually stronger.

In the Saronic Gulf, the strength of the wind and 4 to 6, and they are even stronger around the Ionian Islands where it can vary from 2 to 6. But keep in mind that the different areas of the Ionian Islands have diets different wind.

For island archipelagos such as the Cyclades, the Meltemi blows at 5-6 and can sometimes reach a peak of 7-8. A little further to the east, the Dodecanese islands receive 4-6 force winds, which sometimes reach 7.

Always check the weather conditions before each day of sailing with your Motor yacht charter.

Where to sail and what to see in Corsica?

If you are also looking for land adventures, islands like Santorini have fertile soil and a beautiful stretch of the landscape to explore. The volcanic bottom of the island promotes the existence of many vineyards, and you can visit many cellars to taste the local Greek wine.

If Athens is on your itinerary, enjoy all the museums and do not miss to admire the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Downtown Athens will keep you busy enough for one night with flashy bars and cafes serving delicious food and drinks.

Find paradise on your Greece yacht charter, either in the Dodecanese and the Ionian Islands or on the northern coast of Greece in Macedonia.