LeapZipBlog: mark wahlbarg's blog: Here you will find the right tips to always be with clean white clothes!

Here you will find the right tips to always be with clean white clothes!

October 5, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

The first step is also the most important. Separate the colored clothes from the whites. Yes, it is recommended by the Dry cleaners NYC. White clothes should be washed only in white clothes, without mixing. This is because the colored clothes can drop ink in the washing process, which causes stains on the white clothes.

Clear the strongest stains:

Before placing the clothes in the washing machine, check that the white clothes are stained. If you are, use a product of your own to remove stains on white clothing. Apply the product and act as you send the label: rub or soak.

Put the clothes on the machine:

Put all the white clothes, already free of the biggest stains, in the washing machine. Add the powdered soap of your preference and the quantity indicated on the product packaging. It is also indicated that you use some specific soap for white clothes, for greater efficiency of washing.

Extra Tips- One way to further improve the result of the washing is to turn the machine on and wait for it to hit for just five minutes. Then disconnect and leave the dressing clothes in the soapy water for a few hours. If possible, start washing at night, and soak in how much you sleep. Then just finish the normal washing cycle of the machine.

When you have clothes on and/or with yellowish coloration, you can soak them in a bowl of hot water with a glass of alcohol before placing them in the machine. Another possibility is to add a cup of alcohol tea inside the washing machine after it is filled with water. However, it is not recommended to do this frequently, only when necessary.

Taking blood stains:

These little things are more hectic really. Doctors, especially, can take a lot of your hint. To remove blood stains, just rub a little water boric 10 volumes on the stain, until the blood comes out. Then wash normally by following the steps above.

Leaving the dressing suit on boiled lemon juice seems strange, doesn't it? In a saucepan with water add a lemon (or two depending on the size of the pan) into slices. Heat the pan until the water bows. Turn off the fire and insert the white clothes into the pan. Soak for about 1 hours. Then wash. Stay tuned for more such fantastic tip from Dry cleaners NYC.