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Best tips and tricks are here on how to wash clothes?

October 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Your clothes and your family deserve special treatment, don't you think? So today Dry Cleaners NYC will give several tips and reveal some tricks of how to wash clothes without ruining the parts and washing well.

The troubled life we take nowadays often obliges us to carry out domestic chores in a running way, without paying much attention to what we are doing. This could be a disaster in some cases.

Simple tips on how to wash clothes properly

Separate clothes by color

Pastel or gray colors are not white. They should be intended for a clear color wash. In the washing of white clothes should go exclusively the pieces in that tone so they do not stain.

Attention to Fabrics

We must give special attention to the fabric we are washing and always follow the instructions of the piece. So it will be possible to keep the clothes in good condition for as long as possible. Cotton is not washed like silk or cashmere.

Replace chemical bleach with borax

Chemical bleach, if not used properly, can leave yellow stains on your clothes. In contrast, borax is an effective bleach and is not toxic as well as chemical bleach.

Do not wash the sheets together with the towels

The yarn that the towels emit can adhere to the washing of the sheets and be difficult to remove. Besides, they'll also be uncomfortable at bedtime.

In the washing machine, use cold water instead of hot water. Cold water penetrates the tissues in a different way. In this way, you will have how to wash clothes while keeping the colors spotless and white whiter. Also keep in mind that you will be contributing to the environment.

How to wash white clothes? Granny Tricks

Dry Cleaners NYC also have all those homemade tricks, used by our mothers or grandparents and who often end up being the most effective. Maybe some know them by heart, but others will be amazed.


The lemon is a powerful bleach and widely used in the past to have how to wash white clothes without using chemicals. Soak the pieces with a lemon juice or two (depending on the amount of clothing we have) helps to whiter the white.

Other elements to help whiting clothes

Although they are stronger for delicate items, some elements can be used for bleaching. These are: Oxygenated water, ammonia, vinegar and bicarbonate.