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Hamilton-rand – The best name in London electric branding iron

October 7, 2019 by Glain max  


As we know, laser engraving services is one of the techniques that are required by various types of companies that want to enter global markets, as well as having an improvement in production. We also know that many times you may have certain doubts regarding what is being done or when implementing something new, however as you may have read we are talking about a technique that has a high level of efficiency.

For this reason, at Hamilton-rand.co.uk, we are pleased to offer you our services in this branch of the industry in which we have a high level and experience to carry out the good engraving of the pieces that are requested, that is why we invite you to communicate with us on our phones and follow us on our social networks; In both media we will be willing to answer your questions.

Forge, art, and iron:

Creating works of art in iron, expressing ideas, communicating emotions, decorating with added value, we can say that Art and iron in East midlands have changed our life. The two accompany us throughout the history of mankind - strength and beauty together thanks to technique and imagination.

It is not only forged what we do, for forging is to mold, play with iron thanks to the heat, we like to say that we do Art in iron because we use different techniques, but it is true that all the works we go through the forge so that means, for that millennial feeling that the forge transmits, for working with the four elements: Earth (coal), Fire, Air, and Water - elements that keep us alive.

For whom is this service-oriented?

1. Companies that need to promote their brand with gifts or business objects.
2. Institutions that need to make recognition plates, litters of graduates, founders, etc.
3. Peace Gardens, to perform funeral art in marble, granite, and tribute plaques.
4. Individuals who wish to make a special gift by recording a message about an object.
5. Clubs and schools: to record trophies and medals.

We offer the best custom stencils at the best prices. We offer the high resolved engraving service on a large variety of materials.

The method of stencil marking in low relief consists in the application with compressed air of an abrasive that erodes the parts that need to be etched, while the rest of the product is protected with a photosensitive film. This system is used to record all types of materials except soft materials.

We provide the engraving service with the low relief sandblasting method and also offer the service including the product to be engraved.