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How to wash white clothes? Alcohol, bicarbonate, vinegar:

October 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

The white clothes are beautiful and chic to wear, but on the other hand are difficult to wash, since they are easy to stain and become yellowed over time.

But know that there are practical ways claim by the laundry pickup and delivery to wash your white clothes and do not need to use expensive cleaners to do this, just products like alcohol, bicarbonate and vinegar.

And if you're already preparing your white clothes to wear in the year-end parties or even need to wear white clothes in your work you'll like to check out some cool tips from laundry pickup and delivery on how to use these products when you're washing your white clothes.

Leaving clean clothes:

For the cleaning of the clothes to be complete and you do not need to rub, the use of alcohol is a good option. So you do not wear your clothes and still do not need to wear so much to leave them clean.

For this you must leave your dressing clothes. If the garment is made of cotton or linen, you should put the white garments in a bucket, cover with hot water and add, a glass of alcohol, two tablespoons of bicarbonate and a glass of powdered soap or grated coconut soap.

Leave the dressing for 2 hours and then rinse normally. Now if the garment is made of silk or other fine fabrics you should do another process. Leave the dressing in the milk and then rinse with coconut or neutral soap, rinsing well. It's not good to wash these kinds of fabrics in the washing machine.

Washing the washing machine:

You should use for every five liters of water: a glass of alcohol, two tablespoons of baking soda and as you use soap powder.

Washing white clothes with bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is also a great helper for washing white clothes, as it acts as a detergent, helping to eliminate the toughest stains and even helps to dilute the fat that is in the tissue.

In addition, bicarbonate also helps to fix colors and eliminate odors without damaging the fabric. The bicarbonate still enhances the effect of the soap on the clothing and helps to keep the white color of the pieces.The bicarbonate helps to soften the washing water of the clothes, helps to balance the pH levels of the water, and acts as good bleach.