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What is a forklift and what is it for?

October 8, 2019 by angequipment  

Undoubtedly, one of the main aids available when transporting both objects and people between different floors are forklifts. If there is something that characterizes this type of elevators, it is undoubtedly its great versatility and Lighting System, not surprisingly; these types of elevators are usually manufactured entirely tailored to the needs of the client.


If you talk about forklifts you have to make a distinction between those who are adapted to upload people and those who are not. In the case of those known colloquially as forklifts for people, and whose technical name already refers to them as reduced speed elevators, it is important to take into account that they have to be designed and manufactured complying with a different regulation than in the case of forklifts for the exclusive transport of loads.




Both the aesthetics and the safety measures used in Tower Light for people are much more similar to conventional elevatoars than industrial-type forklifts.


What are forklifts and the uses of forklifts?

The forklifts are fixed installations that require a specific location and that allow both objects and people to be transported, saving different height levels. As for its use, you have many applications. From the small forklifts used in restaurants or hotels mainly and that have useful dimensions of even less than 60 cm 2, through forklifts with sufficient dimensions to transport vehicles, to forklifts for large loads and/or volumes that can reach more than 10 tons of load capacity and more than 15 meter sq. of useful surface.


If you talk about forklifts suitable for people, you have options from which they have a minimum surface so that a single person can use it and that requires even less than a free space of 1 meter sq. to be installed, to elevators for several people or sufficient capacity to offer full accessibility to a person in a wheelchair plus a companion.


As for its load capacity, they are usually prepared interchangeably with their useful surface to raise 300 kg without problems, and it may even be possible to extend this capacity to 400 kg, or even 500 kg, in some models.


This type of single-family Lighting Tower elevators is the most used alternative in private homes to solve mobility problems when it is necessary to save several floors of height, yes, at a maximum speed of 15 cm, per second, which is approximately equivalent to one person going up the ladder itself at a normal pace. The lower cost of both the elevator itself and its subsequent maintenance and conservation, together with the lower requirements necessary for the performance of auxiliary works, make this type of elevators an option to take into account. Also, it is possible to install them in shops or other buildings where it is not necessary to save a very high height and the use forecast is not very high.


The various forklift lines were designed to meet and exceed the demands of different markets. Whether you buy or rent, when choosing the right one, keep in mind the use and space where you will use it.