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Know about Top Marine Engineering course and about job profile

October 8, 2019 by James Wilkins  

The merchant navy officer is responsible for steering the ship and supervising the crew. He is responsible for the commercial operation of the boat and ensures the safety of passengers or cargo. The responsibility of the officers is also engaged for all matters relating to pollution.


A merchant ship at sea is a company that operates 7 days a week in an often difficult environment. Total availability, rigor and vigilance at all times are the imperatives of this profession.




The only master on board, he must report to his ship owner and his insurer. He is assisted by the "second" captain and shift commanders (bridge or machine). Every officer begins his career with a shift leader position. There are first class and second class officers.


Work schedules are irregular, wearing a uniform is common. The merchant navy officer lives in community, most of the time away from home.


Education / Training to become a Merchant Marine Officer

To become an officer of the merchant navy you have to do Marine Engineering Courses in India from best Engineering College.


The academic pathway

Normal access to this pathway of Merchant Navy Career is by take part in competition, which is help after 10+2.  To take part in competition you must pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry and Maths.


After the 3rd year of the course, you obtain a diploma of student officer, which becomes a versatile postmaster's certificate after 12 months of sailing.


The 5th year leads to the certificate of 1st class captain, polyvalent, and as an engineer


To know: one of the characteristics of the courses is to alternate the periods of school and navigation. Examinations allow students to acquire diplomas, which become patents when they are validated by a sailing time. Only patents give the right to perform certain functions on ships.



The income of a merchant navy officer varies according to his rank. The monthly base salary of a second engineer is $ 3,000, for a chief engineer of $ 3,800. A captain or a commander earns between $ 3,800 and $ 5,400 per month.


Career developments

  • The officer cadet bridge becomes lieutenant shift leader, then second captain and commander.
  • The officer-alumnus Machine becomes a shift engineer, then second engineer and chief engineer.
  • The radio cadet becomes a radio officer and then a radio conductor.
  • The Assistant Commissioner becomes Chief Commissioner of Service.

Top Marine Engineering Colleges In India

If you want good placement after your course then it is must that you take admission in Top Marine Engineering Colleges in India. After completing your course from best it become easy for you to get job with high wages. There is Marine Institute in India which provides Marine Engineering and placement rates in top Marine Engineering is very high. To take admission in these colleges you have to work hard and have to clear test for admission. Also it is must to full fill requirement for admission.