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How Can China Passenger Elevator Save Themselves?

October 9, 2019 by otsealex  

Recently, China Passenger Elevator in many places have frequent accidents. The Chinese passenger elevators that are frequently contacted every day not only bring us convenience but also bring many dangers.
How to save yourself and protect yourself when there is a problem with the passenger elevator in China, the following points can be useful to you:

1. When the passenger elevator is trapped in China:

If you are suddenly trapped in a Chinese passenger elevator, don't panic. The correct way to save yourself is as follows:
1. Contact the outside world through the alarm alarm and intercom or other communication methods on the passenger elevator of China. [Call 110 alarm, call the phone to call for help, press the emergency call button in the car]
2. Due to the trapped Chinese passengers inside the elevator, the method of opening the Chinese passenger elevator door is very dangerous. It is easy to cause rubbing or even falling. Therefore, please do not open the Chinese passenger elevator door when you are trapped in the Chinese passenger elevator.
3. There are safety windows on the top of the passenger elevators in China, but the safety windows are only used by Chinese passenger elevator maintenance personnel. If they are trapped, they will skim the safety window on the Chinese passenger elevator car and climb out of the Chinese passenger elevator. Very dangerous, so please don't do this.
4, screaming at the door, or take off your shoes, use the shoes to shoot the door, send a signal for help. If no one responds, you need to wait calmly, observe the movement, maintain your strength, wait for the rescue, and don't stop crying and wait for rescue.

Second, the best action to protect yourself when the Chinese passenger elevator falls:


1. (No matter how many floors) Press the buttons on each floor.
2. If there is a handle in the Chinese passenger elevator, hold one hand tightly.
3, the entire back and head close to the inner wall of the Chinese passenger elevator, in a straight line.
4. The knee is in a curved posture.
Note: Because the Chinese passenger elevator falls, you won't know when it will land, and it is likely to die when you fall. The first point is that when the emergency power is turned on, the Chinese passenger elevator can stop falling immediately. The second point is to fix your position, so that you won't fall because of the unstable center of gravity. The third point is to use the Chinese passenger elevator wall as the protection of the spine. The fourth point is the most important, because the ligament is the only body in which the body is rich in elasticity, so the knee bending is used to withstand the pressure of the heavy shock, which is greater than the pressure of the bone.