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How to make high quality cassava flour by cassava flour processing machine?

October 10, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

High quality cassava flour is unfermentated cassava flour, it is made by grating cassava into slurry and dry it to get final flour. The cassava flour making process includes cassava cleaning and conveying, cutting and crushing, desanding, dehydration, drying and sieving.

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Cassava flour processing line

1. Cleaning and conveying:
The purpose of cleaning and washing is to remove sand, soil and ash, and also facilitate the subsequent process. Cleaning is performed at the same time of conveying, so the feeding should be uniform. Cassava flour processing machine for cleaning section includes dry sieve and paddle washer. The operator should also pay attention to the pressure of water, and the water pressure is too low to be taken the sediment.

2. Cutting and crushing:
Since the cassava root is very long and has been lignified near the main pole, it cannot be pulverized without being broken. Normally we use a cassava cutter to cut cassava into pieces of 3-5mm before crushing. The cassava flour processing machine for crushing is to break the structure of cassava. The second is to fully increase the yield and quality. Crushing is a key step in cassava flour making process.


Cassava grating machine

3. Desanding:
To make high quality cassava flour, desanding is necessary. Cassava flour processing machine for desanding is cyclone desander which can remove sand content in cassava pulp. Its main function is to ensure the taste of cassava flour.

4. Dehydration:
In order to dry the cassava flour powder, the desanded slurry is further dehydrated in cassava flour making process. The cassava flour processing machine for dewatering has various options. The small-scale plant can choose hydraylic presss, and the large one can use a special plate frame filter press to reduce the water in the material, thus to improve drying efficiency and quality.


Flash dryer

5. Drying and sieving:
The drying of cassava flour is basically similar to the drying of cassava starch, but the process parameters are different. Airflow dryer is stll the cassava flour processing machine for drying whihc combines the high-temperature gas and the wet flour to quickly remove the moisture from the wet powder, thus obtain dry cassava flour. The dried materials are sieved again to achieve the specified fineness in cassava flour making process. The finished cassava flour can be directly packaged, and it can be pulverized again if it does not meet the requirements.

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