LeapZipBlog: ivan kevin's blog: PROS AND CONS OF DUBBING A MOVIE


October 10, 2019 by ivan kevin  

Discussing the advantages, the most important benefit from movie dubbing is providing a sense of belonging. A viewer watching a non-native movie with the dubbed language feels comfortable. Getting absorbed with the plot is also a plus point when it comes to giving voice as translation.

When considering the target audience, globalizing or localizing content, is better with dubbing. Voice-over increases the chances of a movie getting accepted and have a global reach. Localized movies thus have better possibility of getting hit.

However, there are a few cons of using voice-over services for movies. One possible trick that agencies follow is using the same professional for more than 1 character. This brings confusion among the audience, if the viewer has a deep connection with the voice and the visual shown.

Sometimes voices may not match with the timeframe of a scene. Alignment issues and delays in the voice with the lip movement of the character gives less authenticity over the procedure.

However, choosing a translation agency that has certified professionals will make the job right. They have years of experience in translating various movie genres. A professional company will henceforth give the best movie translation, keeping in mind cultural, ideological and political references of a target population.