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New Research Report on Steel Pipe Coatings Market

October 10, 2019 by Steve Blade  

The oil and natural gas industry are recovering from the slump that caused a decline in the prices of fuel in the recent past. The resurgence of the industry coupled with increased consumer demand for energy is fuelling the utilization of fuel pipes in the industry. In addition to these factors, the U.S. is planning to accelerate drilling on and offshore to reduce dependency on foreign countries for oil and consolidate its position as an oil importer in the market. U.S’s ambitions are further boosted by the increasing demand for natural gas in Europe, which is eyeing imports from the U.S. to meet the demands of the population. Steel pipe coatings are essential to improve the corrosion withstanding ability of pipes and ensure their durability. A steady rise in the drilling activities in North America and around the world combined with the growing demand for transportation of crude oil as well as the products obtained from processing it is estimated to lay the platform for growth of the Steel Pipe Coatings Market. Moreover, growing investments to repair the already existing pipe framework is anticipated to augment to the cause.

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Increased Concentration of Metals in Drinking Water Driving Demand for Safe Steel Pipe Coatings

Recent studies have attributed the growing concentration of metals such as lead, nickel, and cadmium to the pipes transporting drinking water to households. Long-term exposure to these metals can cause a plethora of serious health problems such as anemia, kidney damage, lung damage, and even brain damage. Presence of metals in the inner steel pipe coatings and corrosion are some of the potential causes that are being considered as the major contributors towards drinking water contamination. While steel pipe coatings are essential to prevent corrosion and leaks in pipelines, regulatory authorities around the world are ensuring that the quality of water does not get negatively impacted due to the use of certain coating chemicals. Steel pipe coating manufacturers are looking to devise alternatives that can replace the potentially hazardous coatings used currently while exhibiting exceptional tolerance to corrosion and other environmental conditions.

Innovative Solutions and Technologies to Boost Coating Performance and Efficiency

The main objective of coating steel pipes with chemicals is to promote corrosion resistance, boosts imperviousness to water and air, increase immunity to pH variations, and ensure chemical and physical stability under varying temperatures. Widespread researches to evaluate coatings for their corrosion resistance and other protective properties while in use is gradually changing the coatings manufacturing landscape. Further, the development of innovative technologies to assess the damage to coatings in old pipelines and evaluation of the quantity of coating material required to restore it back to its original state is further pioneering the research in the area. Manufacturers are looking to leverage these techniques to produce efficient coatings while cutting down on the wastage of products.

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coatings the Most Used Protective Coating Material

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coatings are being used to manufactures steel pipes which have found applications in multiple industries including oil and water transporting pipeline systems. The FBE coatings are heat-curable and possess high-quality adhesion properties. These properties aid manufacturers in the application of FBE coatings to metal substrates. FBE provides for thinner coatings in pipes unlike other variants while improving the liquid flow efficiency through them. In addition to these benefits, FBE provides a tough, abrasion resistant, and hard coating which prevents pipes from corrosion and damage. FBE has been identified as healthy and safe and is therefore used in the inner linings of pipes transporting drinking water. Due to these factors, FBE has found widespread adoption in the steel pipe manufacturing market.

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Steel Pipe Coatings Market: Competitive Landscape

Recent research published in 2018, introduces the concept of pipeline rehabilitation wherein pipelines can be restored instead of being replaced by identifying regions where the coating has been damaged and restoring them to their original state. Further, rehabilitation aims at considerably reducing risk and avoiding leakages which eventually will aid in protecting life and prevention of wastage of resources such as oil and water.

Demand for durable steel pipelines that can withstand corrosion and other environmental changes has increased considerably in recent times. The growing demand triggered the discovery of nanotechnology composite hybrid coatings. The nanotechnology coatings are expected to extend the service life of pipes by making the pipes extremely abrasion and corrosion resistant.

In order to leverage the trend of growing demand for steel pipes in North America, Dura-Bonds opened a new steel pipe facility in McKeesport, Pennsylvania in September 2018. Dura-Bond’s new facility is situated close to the company’s Duquesne, Pennsylvania facility which manufactures fusion-bond epoxy and abrasion resistant coatings.

Steel Pipe Coatings Market: Regional Outlook

Apart from the flourishing chemical industry in the Asian Pacific region, the exponential rise in the population is expected to bolster demand for steel pipes in housing and construction. Moreover, the resurgent mining industry in the Asian Pacific region is estimated to fuel the demand for steel pipes in the region. Although the Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth, North America and Europe are still estimated to hold a significant share of the market owing to the presence of a prosperous chemical industry in the region.

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