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How to Solve the Output Decline of VSI Series Sand Making Machine

October 12, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

VSI series Sand Making Machine is a kind of high performance stone crushing and shaping equipment with world advanced level, which is produced exclusively in our country at present. Mainly adopts the unique rotor structure design, the abrasion-resistant material craft, the crushing speed optimization as well as the advanced hydraulic pressure design, Is the professional fine crushing technology and the machinery manufacture perfect union model, is the full embodiment of new technology and new technology, It can not only provide the best quality aggregate for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station and so on, It is the first choice equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping, and more and more become the mainstream equipment in the fields of metal ore crushing, quartz sand production, steel slag treatment and so on, and is favored by customers at home and abroad for its high production efficiency, high quality, low production cost and low loss. However, some users have found that in the process of artificial sand production, the output of VSI series Sand Making Machine is getting smaller and smaller, and they do not know what causes it. Here, SBM Heavy Industries makes the following analysis for the reduction in production of the VSI series sand-making machines: Possible one: uneven feeding; Processing method: to adjust the feeding; Possible 2: too high moisture content of the material; Method of treatment: To reduce the moisture value of the material when making paste seams; Possible 3: Plugging of the grate gap; Handling method: stop the machine to clear the blockage material on the grate; Probably four: too small gap between the strips; Handling method: Adjust the grate gap in time.