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How to remove cat hairs from my clothes?

October 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Removing cat hairs from clothes is a generally tough task and that is the reason why people using a laundromat near me service to remove it easily and quickly.

When you share your day today with a cat, your life is filled with hair from all sides. And that's because your cat is hairy, assume it. Her beautiful hair has a protective function, and that is why she periodically renews it, especially in spring and autumn.

And when that hair falls, one of her favorite places is all your clothes. But do not despair, it has a solution and it is simple, so from the laundromat near me, we will give you some simple tips on how to remove cat hairs from your clothes.

1. To start if you brush your cat's hair daily, remove all dead hairs. A simple and great habit that your cat will love if you get used to it and on top of that you will prevent them from falling into your clothes. So, brush your cat's hair every day and you will notice the difference in your safe clothes. We recommend you follow the advice in our article on how to brush my cat's hair.

2. But what to do when brushing your cat is not enough and you love to punch your hairy? Well, then you have to get to work. The easiest way to remove your cat's hair is to use a clothes brush or the classic roller with glue. They serve to drag the hair that has adhered to your clothes. They sell them in any supermarket and at a reduced price.

If the hairs have caught you off guard, you can use tape or heat. Wrap the adhesive in your hand and pass it all over the fabric dragging everything in its path. Some hair remover brushes serve this need, although they are somewhat more expensive.

3. Another way to remove your cat's hair from clothes is with rubber gloves, the typical kitchen used to clean. They create static electricity and with that charge, you can attract the hairs that are more attached to the clothes. You can also use a balloon, you can rub them by the affected garments and you will see how they get trapped in it.

 4. As suggested by laundromat near me, the quintessential remedy to remove your cat's hair on your clothes is water. It is one of the best methods without a doubt, you just have to pass a cloth dampened by the clothes and you will see how effective it is to catch all the stuck hair.