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Chris Rafael Wnuk - Imagining China

October 13, 2019 by Nathan Hendrix  

IMAGINING CHINA tells a story of a composer meeting a Chinese ballerina - we don't know if he meets her really or just in his fantasy. The ballerina comes back to him again and again so he sits down and composes a series of songs inspired by her and the Chinese culture, especially music scales.        

IMAGINING CHINA is a music video directed and produced by Bozenna Intrator to the album CHINESE IMPRESSIONS composed and performed by CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK with titles by BOZENNA INTRATOR.         

CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK - the pianist 
CHARLENE ZHAO - the ballerina 

Film written, directed and produced by BOZENNA INTRATOR 

Camera and edited by: DARIUSZ MIGALSKI 

Music: composed and performed by CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK 

Music recording licensed by Bovenkon and Jaguarec 

Copyright :copyright: by Bovenkon 2019 


Music author rights represented by ASCAP       

Source: https://youtu.be/eZATBk-vHRI