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5 Creative & Inspiring Bathroom Remodeling Trends

October 13, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Are you preparing your home for remodeling in New York? If so, then bathroom is the most important aspect you should consider for your renovation project. Though a full-service company for bathroom renovation in New York can help you decide on the style, understanding more beforehand will improve your satisfaction with the final design.



Bathroom Remodeling



When it comes to planning your bathroom remodeling in New York, here are a few trends you should consider to stay up-to-date with latest trends:


1. Focus on luxurious minimalism.

The minimalism trend has been popular amongst all New York homeowners. Minimalist designs are simple, clean and highly efficient. They are considered as smart additions and can save you more space as well as focus more on functionality rather than flair.


The minimalist bathroom designs are sleek and efficient as well as bring in a lot of convenience to your entire living space. They have evolved to add floating vanities that are designed with adequate storage space and wall-mounted toilets that are elegant and sophisticated and high-tech toilets that focus on functionality.


2. Use invisible shower stall.

As the name suggests, the invisible shower stall isn’t visible. It’s actually the seamless glass shower enclosure combined with barrier-free shower floors. The infinity shower is extremely popular in 2019, especially on bath to shower conversion projects and you don’t see it going away anytime soon.


If you want clean lines, the improved bath space and sophisticated floor to ceiling glass walls and shower area you may have to narrow down your eyes a little to see at least from a distance, an invisible shower may be ideal. It’s a great addition that you should consider for bathroom remodeling in New York.


3. Choose windows for sinks.

In 2019 most homeowners consider windows over mirrors while redesigning bathrooms. While your bathroom layout will have to face an exterior wall for it to work, you will have quite appealing and interesting end result.


Just imagine washing your hands and looking up to enjoy outdoors through crystal clear windows instead of your own reflection. Do you think you’d miss seeing yourself in front of you when you clean up? Still, you can add mirrors to other areas of your bathroom, if you want to bring in beautiful look to your bath space.


4. Use wallpaper accents.

Wallpaper makes a small yet strong impact on walls. While homeowners aren’t using it to cover up the entire bathroom area, they are using them to decorate the sections of the entire wall. You should think of an accent wall, which is coveted in beautiful and exceptional designs. The most important aspect of wallpaper design trend is that it can be changed over time.


5. Use stone and wood.

This bath design trends has actually started garnering reputation over the years. Most homeowners prefer bringing in the raw and earthy look of wood – from oak to pine and others as well as rough stone accents like slate.


All of them can make the bathroom feeling cool and more sophisticated than more traditional or luxury materials like marble or porcelain. Above all, you don’t need to use real wood or stone to get this look. Instead, you can use faux products for the same look and feel without the higher costs or maintenance needs.



Final Consideration – Are you thinking about remodeling a smaller bathroom or master bathroom? Or do you get inspired with a beautiful and modern design? Whatever the reason behind your decision of bathroom renovation in New York, you should choose no further than MyHome Design & Remodeling. Contact us today and get started planning your bathroom remodeling in New York!