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Workforce Management: what it is and why it is important?

October 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Workforce Management is the term used to refer to the solutions that allow you to manage the workforce of a company. Workforce Management Consultants constitute the union of processes, skills, and knowledge necessary to optimize the work of the collaborators of an organization.

Although applicable to more than one organizational environment, the Labor Management Consultants is especially important in intensive human capital industries. In this sector, it is necessary to efficiently manage dynamic work shifts, obtaining the best possible productivity from each official.

In practice, the Industrial Engineering Consultants allows considering various variables of the sector to carry out the dimensioning of collaborators. In general, the following aspects are observed:

• Demand

• Seasonality

• Labor laws

• Necessary skills in each work shift

• Internal company policies

• Key indicators (KPIs) of each official

• Turnover and among others

Many variables affect an intensive human capital operation such as contact centers. Taking all this into account manually and without a defined methodology can be a great difficulty.

By implementing Engineered Labor Standards processes, it is possible to expedite work, obtaining more precise scenarios. And if you want to optimize your operations, even more, you can search for a system that facilitates these efforts.

What are its benefits?

We already know that performing Workforce Management Consultants will help you increase the accuracy of your company's scenarios. However, Workforce Management has other great benefits. we present them in detail below.

Schedule Control:

By properly managing your workforce, you will get much more control over your staff's schedules. Attendance and rest times will be accompanied carefully. Also, work absenteeism will be monitored.

If you choose to use a system that facilitates this activity, the benefits will be greater. The software will allow you to obtain automated performance reports, as well as integrate into payment systems to easily and accurately calculate the payroll of each worker.

Atypical scenario analysis:

It is an operation. It is common for unforeseen events. Analyzing these possibilities and having planned actions to address them is what, in general, is called risk management.

Monitoring the performance of employees:

One of the main peculiarities of Distribution Labor Standards is the need to handle different KPIs. These key indicators will vary according to the service channels, the goals to be achieved and the skills required of each employee.

With Workforce Management Consultants, it is possible to consider the particularities and monitor them, obtaining reports with ease. Thus, the actual performance of each official is known in detail.