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China Passenger Elevator Installation Needs To Pay Attention To

October 15, 2019 by otsealex  

What are the installations of China Passenger Elevator? Let us introduce the Otse elevator manufacturers:

(1) Top type: that is, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed at the top of the hoistway at a traction ratio of 2:1, and the winding method is more complicated; the lower type: that is, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed at the bottom of the hoistway, and the traction More than 2:1, the winding method is more complicated.

(2) Car top drive type: the traction machine is placed on the car top; the counterweight drive type: the traction machine is placed in the counterweight.

The above four methods are the most common installation plans for Chinese passenger elevator traction machines. I hope that they can help you, and the safety of installations in China's passenger elevators is important. Installation monitoring is necessary. How to pay attention to it? Do you have questions about the installation of passenger elevators in China?

1. The wire is selected reasonably. The best choice is the elevator dedicated line or the 8-point signal line. Many people think that the main purpose of selecting such wire is anti-interference. There is also a main reason why the wire is often in motion. It is very simple. What is broken core?

2, the installation of dedicated elevator cameras often have to open the hole, many people are very handy things, and some advanced elevator openings are not easy to open, the raw materials are very strong, and often there will be several layers of information, the hole size should be mastered, If we are small, we can expand it. If it is too big, it will be troublesome.

3, pay attention to anti-jamming. The surge generated when the elevator starts is very scary. There is not much contact with the camera, only related to your construction level slow wire;

4, the installation time must be with the elevator workers, this is still a comparison of risks. Not only the construction personnel risk, but also may endanger others. Once there is a building in the elevator monitoring, elevator workers will stop the elevator, construction The staff is working, but I don't know why, the elevator door on the top floor is open. There is a buddy who doesn't look at it and walks straight into the elevator and falls into the hole.

5, with the cable that is handled well, the best and old elevator workers to communicate.

6, remember not to take power from the maintenance power supply of the top elevator of the Chinese passenger elevator car, after the end of the end of the trouble.


7. There is also a small door to negotiate. The monitoring inside the elevator is very difficult to play. It must be clear to Party A in advance. Don’t let Party A have too high expectations. The picture of this small area must not be. The large outdoor vacancies come brightly.