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Bulk Plants Sales Online in India

October 15, 2019 by Plant Nursery Online  

Welcome to Plant Nursery Online, your number one source for all variety of live plants Online. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of live plants from mother nature, with a focus on spreading green, beauty and healing.

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We are one of the largest whole sale plant suppliers from Kadiyam nurseries Online. Kadiyam is the place where nurseries are as old as 100yrs, and till date it has approx.1000-1200 nurseries. Nursery industry in Kadiyam is connected in around 3500 acres which enables us to offer any variety of plants to our customers at cheap prices.

We can supply bulk plants anywhere within India.

Our Customers:

We have customers ranging from Government agencies, Nurseries, Landscapers and Builders.

What we can offer:

All variety of healthy plants at low prices.


Transportation at actual. All transportation cost must be paid by customer.


Depends on the plants order.



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