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Storage Solutions for Moving to a Teeny Tiny Apartment

October 15, 2019 by mazari stores  

1.   Invest in vertical door and wall racks

From over-the-door shoe organizers to wire kitchen door and wall racks, investing in these easy-to-use tools goes a long way in preventing clutter from overtaking your apartment. Vertical Storage Space can be found everywhere from Bed, Bath & Beyond to Amazon. They typically include plastic or cloth cubbies and hold 24 shoes or more. The ContainerStore also sells a variety of steel-constructed door and wall rack systems, which are customizable and capable of holding everything from pantry stables to gift wrap.

2.   Store bikes on wall racks

Own a bike (or several)? It’s no secret that bicycles take up quite a bit of room in a home. Consider storing them off the ground by using wall mounted bike racks. Not only will this open up floor space and create more room in your apartment, but it will also make your place look much less cluttered on a daily basis. 

3.   Make sure your bed is multifunctional

When you have a teeny tiny apartment, it’s important that every piece of furniture count. That means making sure all items in your space serve a purpose (or several). When choosing a bed, we recommend opting for either a storage bed or a sofa bed. Storage beds are helpful because they act as both a bed and a storage dresser for clothes. Drawers are typically located underneath the bed. Sofa beds can be used as both a couch and a bed. These are particularly helpful for those moving to a studio apartment where space is tight. 

4.   Place drawer organizers inside kitchen, bathrooms and closet drawers

The best Place drawer organizers inside kitchen, bathrooms and closet drawer’s way to avoid clutter in your kitchen, bathrooms and closets? Add simple drawer organizer inserts to each of your drawers. Not only will this help keep everything organized and in place, but it will also prevent you from losing items and buying them again. Drawer organizers can be used to hold utensils, sewing materials, toiletries, kitchen necessities, jewelry, makeup and more. 


5.   Use ottomans and coffee tables that double as storage

Planning to purchase a piece of furniture to prop your feet up during those TV nights? Make sure it’s practical and useful. One of the best Personal Storage for small spaces is to use either a storage ottoman or coffee table with drawers. Storage ottomans and coffee tables hold everything from blankets and shoes to mail and kids toys, making them both functional and stylish.