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How to reduce the number of Raymond mill maintenance

October 16, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

It usually takes a certain amount of time to repair the equipment, which will cause the equipment to stop and the production efficiency will affect the production. In order to save production time, the number of repairing Raymond mill is minimized, the production output is guaranteed, and the development of production is promoted smoothly. In daily operations, we need to check the equipment to a certain extent on a regular basis to see if the equipment is fault-free and to properly handle it. In the whole production, the maintenance of equipment is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The number of inspections will affect the production of the whole machine. In the future, the number of maintenance of equipment will be reduced, and the performance of the equipment will be improved through reasonable daily inspection and maintenance. First of all, we need production personnel, always pay attention to the working state of the equipment in production, observe the operation of each component including dust removal equipment, motor, etc., and observe the working state of attention through the particle size and quantity of milling, pay attention to all aspects of production and discover in time. Abnormalities and safe and reliable processing. This is the key to ensuring a large abnormal condition in the equipment. Secondly, do the maintenance work before and after production, check the integrity of the equipment, and conduct a more detailed inspection of the parts that are easy to wear. Check the condition of wearing parts such as the Raymond mill roller ring. Replace parts with severe wear and replace them in a timely manner, and pay attention to effective lubrication of the equipment. After the shutdown, do a good job of cleaning the whole machine, including the motor, dust collector and other places that are prone to dust or blockage, to ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy, and to clean the entire production area. In the daily inspection, the technicians who need to arrange the transfer should carry out regular inspections on the equipment, and do the maintenance of the equipment in advance, pay attention to the replacement of the oil. The production area is cleaned. In this way, the Raymond powder equipment can be maintained from daily production, which can reduce the number of inspections of equipment in production and ensure production efficiency.