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Why is web analytics important for online marketing professionals?

October 16, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Online marketing professionals rely on the Best web analytics company to know the status and real evolution of the campaigns we carry out.

In this post, we will tell you what web analytics is and what it consists of, so you can get the best results on a web page with the help of Top web analytics company Orange County.

What is web analytics?

The concept or definition of web analytics refers to the discipline of online marketing responsible for the extraction and study of relevant information on the status and evolution of an online project to, in this way, make the appropriate decisions at all times and be able to evaluate the success of them.

This discipline applies to any type of web page, be it an eCommerce, a page for a service company, an online blog or magazine, a forum, etc.

It is one of the keys to the success of a website today, something that experts know well.

Orange County web analytics consists of extracting and analyzing the information through analytical tools to extract conclusions and make decisions.

For this, the first thing is to determine what type of information is the most relevant to analyze the project, which may vary depending on the needs and objectives established for it.

The variables to be measured and analyzed are called KPIs or key performance indicators and refer to different aspects that directly and indirectly influence the proper functioning of the strategies and actions carried out.

For example, if the objective of the proposed strategies is to capture traffic, the same KPIs will not necessarily be used as when the objective of the online marketing strategy is aimed at improving the conversion in the website or consumer loyalty.

This is because different issues are analyzed in each case, and the information will be more relevant or less depending on the objective that is intended or pursued in each case.

Why is web analytics essential for the success of a website?

Also, to be able to make decisions based on proven data, it allows you to assess whether the decisions and strategies followed are giving the most appropriate and optimal results possible.

This is a fundamental point both if an online marketing service is outsourced to a specialized company as if the project is managed on its own since it will allow us to set objectives and see if they are attainable or unrealistic, something vital for the growth of any business.

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