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One Component Foam Market Insights and Assessment of Growth Factors Analyzed Until the End of 2027

October 17, 2019 by Amanpreet  

  • Polypag AG, Switzerland-based manufacturer of one component foam, recently announced that Sika AG, a specialty chemical company headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, has agreed to acquire the company. With this acquisition, Sika AG aims to expand its product portfolio and expertise in the area of polyurethane foam development, which can improve the market penetration of its polyurethane foam-based products. On completing this acquisition, Sika may emerge as one of the leading players in the one component foam market in the upcoming years.

  • The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), a U.S.-based leading manufacturer in the one component foam market, has declared its plans to expand its production facility for polyurethane foam to be in-line with its strategies to invest more in polyurethanes market in the Asia Pacific region. The company recently opened a world-class polyol plant in Rayong, Thailand, to increase the company’s manufacturing capacities to deliver high-quality rigid polyurethane foam.

  • Another manufacturing company with a significant share in the one component foam market revenue, Henkel Ag & Co. is focusing on expanding its product portfolio of a wide range of adhesives targeted at the healthcare industry. The company aims to deliver new LED curing adhesives manufactured using thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for flexible medical devices to capitalize on the recent developments in next-gen smart health devices for the profitable growth of its adhesives business.

The report conducts a thorough research on the recent activities of several one component foam market players including Aerosol-Service A.S., Akkim Construction Chemicals, Castelein Sealants, Dap Products, Den Braven Sealants, Dow Chemical Company, Foshan Gunuo Silicone Co., Hanno-Werk Austria, Henkel Ag & Co., Krimelte OÜ, Larsen Building Products, Matadorfix Bohemia, Mccoy Soudal Sealants Adhesives & Foams, Polypag, and Profflex Mounting Foams.

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Vendor landscape Remains Highly Splintered in One Component Foam Market

Tier I companies in the one component foam market hold the revenue share of around 35-40% and Tier II & III stakeholders account for 25-30% and 30-35% revenue shares, respectively. The one component foam market is expected to remain highly fragmented with the presence of a large number of stakeholders in the market in several regions.

Frontrunners have adopted strategies to grow inorganically in the one component foam market, by acquiring local market players and through partnerships and joint ventures. The presence of top-tiered market players and needs for high initial investments create barriers to entry for Tier II & III stakeholders. However, they are paving their way in the market by introducing application-specific features of one component foams to target a wide range of end-users.

Growth Remains Upheld by Resurgent Construction Activities in Line with Infrastructure Development Projects

One component foam is commonly used as an insulation material in the construction industry, especially as a construction sealant. Extraordinary characteristics of one component foam as adhesives and sealants are leading to creating more sales opportunities for market players in the global construction industry.

The revival of the construction industry in developed regions such as North America and Europe, and recent infrastructural developments in emerging countries has spurred the rise of the one component foam market. One component foam manufacturers are focusing on improving characteristics and features to suit specific needs of end-users from the construction industry to bolster sales with exponentially growing construction industry. Additionally, the recent trend of sandwich paneling has provided a boost to the use of one component foam as a construction sealant. Thereby, innovations in the construction industry are likely to diversify the applications of one component foam, which will influence growth prospects of the one component foam market in the upcoming years.

Stringent Regulations Encouraging Manufacturers to Reformulate Chemical Compositions of One Component Foam

Foreseeing the environmental impacts of one component foam, especially spray foam, various governmental organizations as well as nonprofit environmental organizations across the globe have proposed to regulate the manufacturing and marketing of one component foam. Renowned governing bodies, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Europe’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), have established a regulatory framework to mitigate the negative impacts of potential chemical exposures through one component spray foams on the environment, indoor air quality, and human health. As end-users are becoming aware of the importance of indoor air quality and environmental impacts of harmful chemicals in one component foams, especially spray foams, manufacturers in the one component foam market are shifting their focus on the chemical compositions, and potential health risks of one component foam to comply with stringent regulations and sync with the needs of environmentally conscious end-users.

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Energy-efficiency and Eco-friendly – Key Attributes Sought-After by Manufacturers as well as End-users

Customers and industrial end-users are continuously seeking energy efficient equivalent for almost every product they are about to purchase; and one component foams is no exception. One component foams find maximum applications in the construction industry and end-users are focusing on minimizing their energy consumption to reduce their production cost by opting for energy-efficient insulting materials or sealants such as one component foam. Furthermore, taking into consideration that construction materials have a significant impact on the environment, one component foam market players are aiming at contributing to a safer environment by offering environmentally friendly one component foam.

One Component Foam Market Players Tapping Into Latent Opportunities in Residential Sector

The construction industry has envisaged rapid growth over the course of past couple of years, and the number of residential construction projects has rose significantly across the world. Steadily growing residential construction sector in developed countries is expected to create numerous sales opportunities for players in the one component foam market.

According to the new residential construction statistics for May 2018, jointly announced by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the privately?owned housing starts authorized in May 2018 were around 20.3% higher than the May 2017 rate. In Europe, the building construction and civil engineering increased by 1.5% and 2.7%, respectively, in October 2018 over October 2017.

Furthermore, in developing countries, such as China and India, increasing discretionary income and urbanization are providing a fillip to the residential construction activities. Thereby, leading manufacturers in the one component foam market are eyeing lucrative opportunities in the residential construction sectors to witness profitable growth in the upcoming years.


One component formulations of polyurethane foam, which is manufactured by reacting polyols and diisocyanates, are referred as one component foam. One component foam is commonly used as insulator, sealant, filler, or adhesives, especially in the construction industry. Outdoor vents, door & window jams, walls & ceilings, and water pipes are among the leading end-uses of one component foam.

About the Report

The Fact.MR study features insightful information about critical dynamics of the one component foam market to help readers to fathom future prospects and current growth parameters of the one component foam market. This study is a seamless presentation of unique insights on how the one component foam market will expand across the globe during 2018-2027. The report includes the exclusive predictions about market growth in terms of market size (US$ million) and market volume (tons) during the forecast period.

Market Structure

The Fact.MR report divides the one component foam market into its five broad sub-segments – applications, end uses, end-use sectors, sales channels, and regions.

Based on the applications of one component foams, the one component foam market is segmented into four categories – adhesives, insulation, sealing, and filling. Based on the end uses of one component foam, the one component foam market is segmented into doors & windows jams, water pipes, outdoor vents, soffits & roof construction, and walls & ceilings.

According to the end-use sectors, the one component foam market is segmented into residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional end-use sectors. According to sales channels of one component foam, the one component foam market is segmented into modern trade channels, retail chain stores, direct to customers, direct to customer online channel, and third party online channel.

Based on geographical regions, the one component foam market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific region excluding Japan (APEJ), and the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

Research Methodology

A holistic approach and unique methodology is followed while conducting a thorough research about the one component foam market to conclude the growth prospects of the market during 2018-2027. The report provides readers with exclusive conclusions about the historic and recent development in the one component foam market.

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The comprehensive information featured in the report is obtained at the end of detailed secondary and primary market research on the historical and current growth parameters of the one component foam market. Secondary research on the one component foam elucidates the historical and current facts and industry-validated information about the one component foam market. Primary research is conducted after secondary research, where market leaders, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and investors, in the one component foam market are interviewed.

The accuracy and authenticity of the qualitative and quantitative information on how the one component foam market will grow during 2018-2027 is ensured by the unique research methodology followed by Fact.MR analysts.

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