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Protocols of Sky Server Oscam

October 17, 2019 by Glain max  


Europe Cccam is a new sharing technology that allows multiple customers to enjoy all the channels with only 1 subscription using a sharing protocol which accesses the smart card via sky server Oscam. It allows customers to watch TV.

Share server:

With Share, the server is meant simply sharing his cards read in with Oscam and also the forwarding of external cards. 

Oscam can now be used as a Cccam Europe, Camd3, Newcamd and also as a Gbox server - currently still in development. No additional "emu" software is needed to share your cards with friends, relatives or acquaintances. 

Since the Cccam server has the source code, it can be compiled for many platforms. So you can easily build a card and share server on a router, NAS, PC (32 / 64bit) or Linux receiver of your choice.


The protocols are UDP and TCP based. The difference is explained quickly. UDP has no fixed connection. With UDP, requests are sent without checking if they arrive. 

Whereas with TCP there is a fixed connection and the client who sent the data gets feedback if they have arrived. This makes TCP a bit slower compared to UDP. So if you have a very unstable Internet line, you might want to use TCP-based protocols. Otherwise, the UDP is recommended.


Out of consideration for servers and clients with limited memory, the Oscam server has been modularly built. This allows you to select only the modules that you need and saves so important storage space, by omitting unnecessary program parts.

The modules are already chosen before compiling. Since compiling is reserved for advanced users, it will not be covered here. There are threads in the forum that deals with compiling. There are interested users can inform themselves.

The modules will still be listed, so you get an overview of what's there and you can choose your binaries better. 

Ignore and Share option:

Leave your finger on the option of ignoring and Share, if you do not want to lose all your share partners. This statement is not intended to circumvent Reshare rules but rather, we suppose, to explain unintentional side effects of the "ignore share" option. 

The sense of the option is different and if you do not know what's going to change, you can quickly scare off its share partners.

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