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How to sell PoE currency items through PoE Trade

October 18, 2019 by poecurrency  

If you want to sell items for PoE currency, you must first buy the market page, otherwise, you won’t be able to hang the Bargain. When you buy the market page, you get a page of the market page, which can be used for the entire season and will need to be re-purchased next season. Every day you need to manually renew it to prevent the city from concentrating on the “dead items” that AKF players have on the shelves. It doesn’t require 2000 points per day.

1. buy:
First, the current character needs to reach level 40. At the current market, it is easy to buy dark gold equipment and currency, and choose the big type – small type directly.  Path of Exile How is The Bargain selling things? Market Quick Search Tips
Search for keywords again.
Yellow equipment is relatively complicated, to accurately understand the attributes that you need. Multiple attributes can be accurately searched by spaces.

2. Sell:
It’s much easier to buy things, first add a field after level 40. After dragging the item from the package into the market, right-click on the note or directly select the price to wait for the person to come to buy.

Be sure to see the currency values ​​given by the bidder when The Bargain is not to be induced by words to avoid irreparable damage.