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Can anyone play Golf-Game?

October 18, 2019 by Troon teetimes  

This is probably a question that most people ask especially those who are of the opinion that only a certain class of people play the game. There are others who believe that only men play the game. This is probably due to the fact that most of the tournaments that attract publicity are those by men. Then again some will be surprised to find out that even children can play the game.


Notwithstanding all those thoughts, golf is a game for everybody as long as they have the strength and are healthy enough to withstand all the standing. If you want to play golf at Best Golf Courses In Asia then you should search carefully. Old people, men, women and even children can play the game. The rules do not change across the different ages as Abu Dhabi Golf Course is the best place to enjoy your game.




Beginners including children

Most children will get introduced to the game by the parents. They either accompanied their parents to watch golf games at Dubai Golf Course or development an interest by watching it on TV and by getting encouragements from their parents. Then there are those whose interest was aroused from playing mini golf. Mini golf is a golf game for kids where putting holes are used with colored balls usually red. The kid is expected to put the ball into the different holes.


There are classes for beginners and children at golf courses and most children actually started here. Here they are taught how to hold the clubs, the different types of clubs and what they do, how to aim the ball, what type of swings to use to achieve different aims and many other tips. They will also be thought how to calculate their scores and handicaps. These classes are often taught in groups although private classes are available for a higher fee.


Older players

These are those who have been playing a greater part of their lives. They may even serve as tutors for the younger ones. Most Dubai Golf Packages would love to have these senior players play at their course so they will tend to offer special discounts for this class of players. However, most of these players prefer using private courses.


Older persons will benefit greatly from Abu Dhabi Golf Club as there is quite a bit of walking involved and it is not stressful on the body. Most courses still allow golfers to wall all the 18 holes. However, some will provide carts that can drive the golfers from one hole to another.


Women players

In the past, the role of the women was to dress fancifully and watch the men play. Today, women are also playing. Since women have taken an interest in the game, some courses are now offering couples championship. When it comes to apparel, some sports companies are catching in on the development and have a full range of products only for female golfers playing the game at Troon Golf Middle East.