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Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 1603 While Installing QuickBooks

October 18, 2019 by MarksonJoy  

Are you seeing QuickBooks error 1603 during QuickBooks installation? Don’t take any kind of tension, simply read out the below measures and tackle down this error from your QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks error 1603 while installing QuickBooks mainly arises when you are not able to install QuickBooks for windows appropriately. If you are experiencing issues while using QuickBooks after a patch release, then there is possibility that QuickBooks is not properly installed on your computer. To resolve this issue, we suggest you to take assistance from ingenious professionals which are available all the time to help you.  After taking their help you will be able to resolve QuickBooks install error 1603.

Simple measures to fix QuickBooks install error 1603:

QuickBooks update or install error 1603 is not as much complex error that you can’t fix on your own. Just look at the simple way to fix this error.

Rename the QuickBooks shared folders:

For this, you need to show hidden files and folders.


Generally, some of the folders do not appear even after selecting the show hidden files and folders option.


In that condition, you need to follow the below mentioned steps and rename the folders which appear.


Right-click on the QuickBooks folder that is present in your installed file folder or drive, choose rename and give the folder a different unique name and then press enter.


Repeat this step to change the folder name for each user on your computer.


In the C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) folder, you may also see QuickBooks installation folder.


Simply right-click on the QuickBooks installation folder, select rename, give the folder a different unique name and then press enter. 


Now, restart your computer and install QuickBooks software again.

After successfully installing QuickBooks, you see the prompted get started option to use your QuickBooks easily.

About Online backup

At the time of resolving this error, we advise you to create online backup of your data otherwise it may lose. However, after following above mentioned steps we assure that, your QuickBooks data hasn’t been lost and you can easily take online backup on your new QuickBooks software. For this, you need to manually open it by selecting open a file located on this computer and locating your data file.

Therefore, for eliminating QuickBooks Update Error 1603 just follow the aforementioned steps and start using your QuickBooks in an efficient manner.

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