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Cassava flour making process and cassava flour machine

October 18, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

The cassava flour making processing roughly consists of the following parts:
raw material cleaning - washing - grating - dehydration - drying - sieving - packaging.
The actual situation can be customized according to the requirements of the users, and large, medium and small cassava flour production lines of various configurations can be provided.

flour machine (6)

Cassava flour making process

1. Cleaning
The first step in cassava flour making process is cleaning which requires removing impurities such as mud, stones, stems and leaves, and muddy sand adhering to the surface of the cassava when the cassava is received.

2. Washing
The sediment remaining on the cassava epidermis is further washed with water and some of the cassava epidermis was removed. The water consumption is about 2-3 times that of the raw materials.

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3. Cassava grating:
The role of grating is to destroy the structure of cassava, so that tiny particles can be disassembled and released from the root. This is the most important cassava flour processing machine for it determines the cassava flour yield. In cassava flour making process, rasper is a used for grating. DOING rasper absorbs advanced international technology which can achieve a breaking rate more than 94%.

4. Desanding:
To make high quality cassava flour, desanding is necessary. It mainly remove sand content in cassava pulp to improve the taste of produced flour.

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Cassava grater

5. Dehydration:
In order to dry the cassava flour powder, the pulverized slurry is further dehydrated in cassava flour making process. The cassava flour processing machine for dewatering has various options. The small-scale plant can choose hydraylic presss, and the large one can use a special plate frame filter press to reduce the water in the material, thus to improve drying efficiency and quality.

6. Drying:
Flash dryer is a widely used in cassava flour making process for the drying of material. The flash dryer uses the high speed hot air flow to dry the wet cassava flour in it. This cassava flour processing machine has the features of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area, short drying time and so on.


Cassava drying machine

7. Packaging:
This is the last step of cassava flour making process. The dried finished materials are packaged according to the different requirements of customers and can be sold on the market.

In short, the above is the introduction of the cassava flour making process. Any further questions, welcome to consult Doing Machinery. We are cassava processing machine manufacturer, our machine has the features of high degree of automation, low energy consumption, water and electricity saving, stable comprehensive performance as well as easy operation and maintenance.


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