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Virgin Wavy Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

October 18, 2019 by Jennifer Owens  

No woman in this world doesn’t love to change hairstyles. Someday they want a fascinating short haircut and the other day they want luxurious wavy hair. We all know that there is no remedy to grow long hair overnight. But we have one solution which is hair extensions or hair weaves. There are different types of hair extensions like virgin wavy hair extensions, curly extensions, straight extensions, and so on. Among all these wavy extensions are the most trending look for this fall season so let’s learn everything about them.

How Wavy Hair Extensions Are A Perfect Casual Look

Wavy hair weaves are perfect to wear as a daily casual look as they don’t need much maintenance. Plus you can wear them quickly as they need no finishing touches and styling like the curly and straight extensions do. You can wear these wavy hairbundles anytime and anywhere easily.

Some Important Points You Need To Know About Hair Extension

Using hair extensions is the process of adding extra hair strands and volume to the natural hair of an individual usually, people prefer longer length than shorter ones. These hair extensions enable you to quickly change your hairstyle without going to a professional hair salon. You can change the style of your hair without much effort.

It takes a long period of one to three months to make a perfect pair of your desired hair extension. It is because natural hair takes its own time to grow from which these weaves are made. So after refining and sorting particular hair type and style hair extensions are composed.

Types Of Wavy Hair Weaves

Natural hair

The original natural hair is the main component that is used for making these wavy hair weaves. These extensions are gathered and assembled by several collectors of raw hair who are always looking for people who want to cut off their beautiful hair. Giving their hair for a fee helps them to earn a livelihood for them and their family.

Hair cut

These types of hair are collected from natural hair giver. For gathering such type of weaves the hair is directly removed from one human head. Such type of extension is good for coloring as they do not possess contaminants of other people’s hair.

Remy hair

These are a type of hair with the right section of the ends accompanying with the line of fullness. When you are ordering such types of weaves from any online stores – be certain to review and see for information about the different types of hair they sold, they must be remy hair.

Colored Hair

With the current growing colored hair trends, it is not hard to find a perfect pair of your desired hair color you want. These types of hair are available in different colors like light brown, Blond, white, dark brown, etc. They are the most suitable options for the women who want to go for a quirky hair look this fall.

Different Types of Wavy Hair You Can Find In multiple online stores are:

  • Indian
  • Malaysian
  • Brazilian
  • African, etc

Wavy Hair Care Rules

When you are using hair extensions, you must master the required tips that are needed for hair extensions special care. Here are a few of them:

  1. You must wash your hair in a standing position so that water drops down from top to bottom in a straight motion. Avoid cleaning them by bending in a sink.
  2. You must comb your hair with a wooden brush or comb with wide teeth, not the thin ones to avoid hair tangling and damage. This process should be repeated at least 3 times a day, from the roots towards the end.
  3. You must not sleep with a wet head.
  4. You must wash your hair with natural organic shampoos with no chemicals for a longer shelf life of your extensions.
  5. Try to make minimal use of hairdryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners.