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Tarangire National Park – Why It Is Worth Exploring

October 19, 2019 by steveandrichardsafaris  

Though not as popular as the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire is a beautiful national park & forms a critical part of numerous northern circuit safaris. Its nearness to Arusha, the entrance to the Tanzanian safari, makes it the ideal place to commence or conclude a fascinating safari trip in this wonderful country. 

Tarangire was custom-made as a national park in 1970. The national park itself covers some 2,600 square kilometers, intensely packed with game & hundreds of bird species. The landscape is mountainous, with the valley of the Tarangire dominating the land. 


Here you can see huge numbers of wildebeest, cape buffalo and zebra alongside some really impressive antelope! Take, for instance, the oryx. These massive & graceful antelope are identified by their long & straight horns, and unique black face markings. Meanwhile, Eland are the globe’s largest antelope, weighing in at a remarkable 400-1000kg. 


For pachyderm fans, there’re nearly 6 thousand elephants in Tarangire. They traverse the plains over huge distances, in large, 600 strong herds where every member is as important & cared for as the next. 


The sight of one of the fantastic creatures roaming underneath one of Tarangire’s many baobab trees is really something extraordinary. Even massive elephants are somehow dwarfed these gigantic trees, which speckle the open grasslands. Baobabs are said to have enthralling properties, and many people wish upon them. But with a fascinating Tarangire Crater Safari ahead of you, what more is there to wish for?


The Tarangire is the lifeline of this national park. Even during dry season, when the river decreases considerably in size, there’s always water to be discovered here. In fact, throughout the dry season, animals actually migrate here in hunt of some relief from their thirst. Thirsty wild animals can be observed gathering in huge numbers along its banks. 


Also bird-watcher will find a paradise in Tarangire National Park. Over five hundred bird species have been documented here, and are now waiting to be discovered by you! 


So, don’t forget to bring your binoculars. From the incredible bird species to the twist of a colossal baobab branch, the stylish curve of an antelope’s horn to the credible step of a gigantic elephant, you won’t wish to miss a thing. 


The ultimate Tarangire Crater Safari experience awaits you here at Steve And Richard Safaris. Get in touch with us for more details!