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Tips for your pool lighting - This is how you illuminate your pool

October 19, 2019 by Glain max  


Not only in bright sunshine, but it is also very pleasant to have a refreshing dip in the pool. Also on many evenings, there are bathing opportunities.

Do you feel like relaxing in the cool water of your pool? To create a perfect ambiance in the dark, good LED pool light is important, which creates a new atmosphere in our home and allows us the bathing fun at a late hour.

In the market you will find different lighting to create a perfect atmosphere in your pool: i.e. Solar, glass fiber, LED, floating, halogen and incandescent lights - however, the most modern and efficient lighting is provided by the Pentair intellibrite colour led pool light.

LED pool lights are available in different colors and are placed around the pool to create a very elegant and simple effect.

Colour pool light is used the most. Not only are they very efficient, durable and energetically efficient, they also provide individually adjustable colors through remote control, allowing you to customize your pool atmosphere with the colors you desire.

Where can I install the pool lighting?

For the placement of headlamps in the pool, there are various places and countless combinations depending on the length and shape. Typically, we place the main Hayward pool lighting on the sidewalls of the pool, about 30/40 cm below the edge of the pool, and so that it does not illuminate the house or the most-used area. It is recommended to install one lamp per 20 m2 of water surface.

How can I reduce the power consumption of my pool?

If you want to build a new pool or replace old bulbs, you should consider energy efficiency to reduce the power consumption of your pool. The technologies that today require the least amount of maintenance, which lasts thousands of hours of operation and have low power consumption, are fiber optic and Pentair globrite color led lights.

Safety at the pool lighting:

Safety is one of the most important criteria to consider when installing or refurbishing our pool lighting. Make sure that all underwater lights that you want to mount in your pool comply with the standard. This standard ensures that the lamps are made of temperature-resistant material and are completely leakproof, so that no water can penetrate.

The lighting - an excellent safety measure:

The pool lighting has an aesthetic or decorative function as well as a functional purpose because it is an excellent safety measure. The lights in the water and on the edge prevent you from accidentally falling into the water.