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Hoka Rincon Performance Review

October 20, 2019 by tinmy2014  

The Hoka Rincon has been getting rave reviews (one examples here). They are one of the lightest running shoes on the market at 7.7 ounces and cost only $115. I’ve enjoyed Hoka’s shoes up to this point and the Rincon seemed like the exact type of shoe I’ve wanted from them, a light responsive runner that is good for both distance and speed work.

I ran 40+ miles in these on roads, trails, and the beach to see how they would hold up across different conditions. The Hoka Rincon was my every day running shoe for the last two months and I used them for both long runs and short distance speed work.

I absolutely loved running in the Hoka Rincon. The Rincon has the traditional Hoka max cushioning setup. The midsole is thick and plush but there’s still a ton of bounce with each step. The main difference I noticed between this shoe and other Hoka shoes is that the insole is thinner. This thinner insole adds a large measure of responsiveness. I felt the ground really well and it helped a lot with speed work. The Rincon was easily the most responsive Hoka I have worn. The cushioning was great on long runs as well and my usually bad knees didn’t have any problems.

The outsole of the Rincon is mostly made up of the EVA foam from the midsole with a few spots featuring harder rubber. There are less hard rubber spots on these than other Hokas. This is most likely because they wanted to keep the Rincon as light as possible. I don’t mind the trade off but don’t expect the Rincon’s outsole to last very long. After just 40 miles, I noticed the outsole beginning to wear down. I don’t see the outsole lasting longer than 200-250 miles. Besides the durability concerns, I didn’t notice any issues with the traction. I ran on trails, roads, and in wet conditions and didn’t experience any slipping.

Most running shoes made to be light end up lacking support, and the Hoka Rincon is no different. The upper is minimal but the heel cup is sturdy enough to satisfy neutral runners. If you overpronate a lot, I wouldn’t recommend these. Most support issues I have with shoes are because my feet are too wide for the footbed, but the Rincon’s width was perfect for me. If you want a light shoe with a good amount of support I recommend the Hoka Arahi 3 (read my review here).

This was my favorite set of materials I’ve ever had on a running shoe. Yes, you read that right. The upper is made of an insanely breathable mesh that you barely feel when running. It’s thinner than the upper on the Hoka Clifton 6 but feels just as nice on foot. These are the type of running shoe that you just put on and completely forget about. They feel flawless on foot. I ran in these without socks for a quick 5k (running without socks is acceptable for triathletes…I promise I’m not being weird) and the amount of wind I felt going through the shoe is like no other shoe I have ever worn. The only issue with the materials would be the durability of the midsole foam.

I usually get Hokas in a size 13 but bought the Rincon in a 12.5. My last pair of air jordan 1 stretched out a bit and after a few miles they felt too big on me. I figured I would go half down half a size to see if that helped and it did. The 12.5 fit me a little snug when I first tried them on but after the first run, they were perfect. The fit is great, the width is perfect for my slightly wide feet, and overall, I loved how they felt. There were no uncomfortable spots, hotspots, or pinching.
The Hoka Rincon is best value for a running shoe I’ve ever seen. At only $115, they’re a no brainer. The Rincon and the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 are easily my favorite running shoes of the year. They’re both light, responsive shoes with plush cushioning and breathable materials. The only difference is that the Pegasus Turbo 2 is $65 more. The Rincon’s materials are amazing, and the cushioning doesn’t suffer from the light build of the shoe. If you are looking for an affordable all-purpose runner then you should be considering the Hoka Rincon.