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GM MDI2 Setting Up Wireless Communications

October 21, 2019 by Lily white  

The GM MDI2 is capable of communicating on your workshop network over Wireless. The Network Setup tab in the MDI Manager software provides a number of functions used to select and configure the MDI 2 network connection interfaces including wireless access and security settings.

You must be connected to the MDI 2 via USB to access the settings on the Network Setup tab. If you are not connected via USB, the controls on the Network Setup tab are disabled.

The MDI 2 supports two methods for wireless communication. With the Access Point Wireless Communication method the MDI 2 connects to your PC through an access point in your workshop. With the Point-to-Point Wireless Communication method the MDI 2 connects to your PC directly using a USB wireless adapter. Each of these methods are described in the following sections.

Enabling Access Point Wireless Communication
Your MDI 2 can be configured for Access Point Wireless Communication. Before starting, you
need to know the following:
1. An IP Address and Subnet Mask to assign to your MDI 2 (if your LAN does not
automatically assign IP addresses)
2. Wireless communication access point SSID (network name)
3. Wireless security password (encryption key)
4. The illustration below shows several MDI 2s connected to a single laptop PC using a wireless access point.

If you have the need to reset your Point-to-Point passphrase, you can use the following steps.
The following steps assume you are running the Windows 7 operating system on your PC.
1. On the right-hand side of the Windows Task Bar, click the View Wireless Networks button. A list of the available wireless networks in range of your PC is displayed.
2. Select Open Network and Sharing Center.
3. Select Manage Wireless Networks from the left column.
4. Select Change adapter menu and choose MDI from the list.
5. Remove your stored Point-to-Point network. The name will contain MDI and the last 8 digits of the MDI 2 serial number, (MDIXXXXXXXX).
6. When you reconnect the MDI 2 to the PC using the USB cable, a new passphrase will be established.

Set Factory Default
Selecting the Set Factory Default button on the Network Setup tab reconfigures your MDI 2 to the Point-to-Point communications settings it had when it left the factory. Any software upgrades that have been installed to the MDI 2 are still installed. When the MDI 2 reset is finished, the MDI Manager software displays the MDI 2 Explorer tab. All wireless AP configurations will be lost.