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Is Cardboard Boxes Better then Corrugated Boxes for Shipping Purposes

October 21, 2019 by Diana Garcia  

Shipping the product from point to another point can be an intimidating task. You not only want to deliver the packaging to the customer on time but also in one piece. You want to assure you that you have picked the right packaging material for the shipping packaging. The primary motto of all shipping companies is to transport the article sound and safe. If anything gets damaged during the shipping process means you have lost the business and also make the customer angry at shipping services. Choosing the right material for the shipping boxes is essential. You have noticed that companies mostly prefer the cardboard boxes and the corrugated boxes for shipping the products.

As mentioned, the right packaging is the primary element that will support to deliver the product in sound the intact position. But there is some article that requires extra care because they are fragile. We need to find out that " is cardboard boxes are better than corrugated boxes for shipping?"  There are some factors based on which you will decide the kind of custom boxes are best for shipping. Before getting into detail, we require to know the difference between custom cardboard boxes and corrugates boxes.

Corrugated or cardboard Boxes for shipping

 Are Cardboard Boxes better than corrugated Boxes or cardboard boxes look similar and may look to complete the same job? These boxes are considerably different in purpose and structure. When we talk about the cardboard vs. corrugated, which you should be used to satisfy the product shipping requirements and also the customer need.  Always remember picking the material for the packaging will make a noticeable impact on clients' impressions.  It is essential to know the difference between these two types of shipping containers.

What are cardboard boxes?

 When planning to buy the cardboard boxes from shipping, you need to understand what cardboard is? These boxes are made up of heavy paper or paper stock-pulp. Manufacturers use this material to make various products like product packaging, shipping containers and large or small cardboard boxes, and much more. Companies also use this for structural support of clothing, note pads, and more.

The shipment companies use these custom printed boxes for the transportation of items. But it gives risk to the retailers as the cardboard material offers little protection and need some extra packaging material. The excess packaging includes bubble wraps to guarantee the item inside remain safe.

Corrugated Boxes

 Manufacturers use multiple layers rather than a single layer of the sheet. Mainly it consists of three layers, outer layer, inner layer, and medium layer. The medium segment is corrugated or in other words, flutes. This corrugated material is resilient and light in weight. Its weight is an essential consideration when it comes to the shipping of the packaging. Because of its multiple layers, these counters will remain intact even when it exposed to temperature change, moisture, and shock. No material is invincible to forces or harsh and prolonged conditions as compare to corrugated custom boxes. These custom printed boxes offer the assurance that that product will deliver from the warehouse to the final destination in perfect shape.

When to use Cardboard boxes for shipping?

 Sometimes cardboard boxes enough for the product shipping. The cardboard is a useful option when it comes to the transportation of lightweight products like thinner items and light clothing. The question is where to but cardboard boxes for shipping. You can get the custom printed boxes from the packaging companies. The decision to buy these boxes depends upon the product that its handling will not lead to product damage. You have to very careful when selecting the cardboard boxes for shipping. Pick this box if the product is light in weight and do not porn to damage.

Are you selecting corrugates custom printed boxes for shipping?

 Shipping companies prefer these boxes for transportation because of its durable and robust nature. Whereas the other material like cardboard are unable to withstand weight, temperature change, and shake while moving from the warehouse to the destination location. Now the companies prefer corrugated boxes for the product packaging, and it does not require extra containers for shipping the product. The strength of these boxes increases as you add the flutes in the middle layer of the corrugates boxes. These boxes are best for heavy and fragile articles. The food packaging companies also prefer these boxes for cardboard material because of its cleanliness and sustainability that it offers all they want from the warehouse to the store shelves.

Final Verdict: Corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes for shipping

 We cannot assign one box as the best for shipping products. Every article has different requirements for transportation. Saying cardboard boxes are better than corrugated boxes is not the right statement. If you have to choose between the packaging, the corrugated printed boxes are the better choice because it also offers customization like cardboard. Selecting the container for the shipping is your choice; keeping both materials in mind.