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How to produce starch from cassava by cassava processing machine?

October 21, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

As an important cassava processing product, cassava starch is widely used in food, medicine, feed, textile, paper, chemical and other industrial sectors. But how to produce starch from cassava? Cassava need to first remove its impurities, and be crushed into slurry, then separate fibers, protein and impurities in starch slurry, and be dewatered, dried to be made into starch.

cassava starch production line (14)

How to produce starch from cassava?

The following is the main cassava starch processing machine used for how to produce starch from cassava
1. Cassava cleaning and washing: Dry sieve and paddle washer are widely adopted cassava starch processing machine for impurities removal for starch production which can effectively remove dirt, sand, small stone, weed, leaves and other foreign matters attached on cassava roots.

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Cassava starch processing machine

2. Grating: The cleaned cassava is pulverized by a rasping machine, which breaks the structure of the raw material in the cassava starch making process, so that the tiny starch granules can be disintegrated and separated from the cassava roots.

3. Screening: The slag mixture is separated by centrifugal sieve and fine fiber sieve, by which the fiber impurities are basically removed.

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Cassava washer

4. Desanding: In the process of how to produce starch from cassava, desanding is an necessary procedure which mainly serves to remove sand so as to achieve the purpose of improve the final starch taste.

5. Enrichment and refining: The cassava starch processing machine for enrichment and refining is hydrocyclone station, which is divided into enrichment cyclone and refining cyclone. In this process, the insoluble protein, spare soluble protein and other foreign matters will be removed.


Starch drying machine

6.Starch dewatering: Peeler centrifuge is the extensively used cassava starch processing machine for dewatering. It can realize automatic control and auto scraper unload.

7. Drying and packing: Then it comes to drying procedure whose main function is to dry cassava starch to meet the commercial starch standards. And it will be packed for sale.


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