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5 affordable ways to renovate your rooms

October 21, 2019 by Glain max  


We love to enjoy the comfort and small details that the stay in a quality room brings. Therefore, when they browse the web in search of a hotel, they usually look at those rooms that evoke comfort, modernity and at the same time offer good value for money.

Naturally, the better your room design looks, the more clicks your hotel profile will receive, which brings more reservations. It's that simple.

If you are planning for the renovation of your rooms, let us find some affordable ways:

1. Modify the pattern of the bedding:

We will not get tired of repeating it. Both hotel chains and independent hotels tend to use synthetic patterned fabrics, which are monotonous and even cheesy. Do not do like them.

While doing the best interior decoration, guests want a room where quality is perceived and enjoyed. And since it is convenient to have abundant photographs of the rooms both in the profile and on the hotel website, the bedding is one of the first aspects in which the traveler is fixed.

2. Paint the walls with neutral tones:

Modernizing the appearance of the walls is something that could not hurt more than one hotel. Gone are the fashions of the orange tones, the walls with contrasting colors and the wallpaper. Now you can give your rooms a new air in a simple and economical way: just paint the walls with pastel, warm or neutral tones.

3. Remove outdated frames:

You already know which ones I mean: those that don't provoke any emotion. They probably even turned out to be quite cheap and do not contribute much to the design concept of your hotel. The time has come to get rid of them.

Guests, now more than ever, are interested in local experiences and memorable hotel stays.

4. Invest in modern and comfortable chairs:

Most hotels apply a classic concept to the furniture in the rooms, so it is quite likely that yours does too: a bed, two bedside tables, a closet, a desk, and a chair. If the chair is lined with vinyl or has a design that matches the carpet, then we advise you to get rid of it.

5. Reorganize the room layout:

Many hotels apply a spatial distribution and a room concept that has become dated. If this is your case, dare to be different to capture the attention of travelers online.

An economical and simple way to make your rooms stand out is to change the space distribution. This way, they will look more attractive and original.

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