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3 Must-Have Necklaces In The Bride’s Assortment - Aura Jewels

October 22, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

It’s wedding season, and all the brides are busy shopping for their stuff. Not only are they looking to purchase the garments, jewellery, and sandals that they will be wearing for their wedding, but also the things they will put into their trousseau. While the choice of garments and sandals is different for every bride, the choice of jewellery generally comprises of gold or diamonds.

No matter whether you wish to choose modern or traditional jewellery, there are certain must-haves that a bride must add into her trousseau. Even if she is today’s modern girl, there are some traditional gold jewellery pieces that every girl needs for when she has to attend certain family functions or occasions. So, here is a list of the 3 must-have necklaces that you should include in your trousseau.



Antique Nakshi Lakshmi Necklace


Nakshi jewellery  has been a part of India’s ancient history since the time of kings and queens. With intricate designs and delicate shapes, these are one of the highest level arts seen in India. Nakshi jewellery generally comprises of designs shaped as Gods, Goddesses, and Mythical figures. As a newly wed, the best element that you can include is Maa Lakshmi. Since every young lady in India is considered to be a form of Lakshmi who brings in wealth and prosperity into the house, there can be nothing better than an antique Nakshi Lakshmi necklace for you!

Heritage Nagas Carved Necklace

Nagas is another long-lost heritage jewellery that celebrates temple artistry. You must also include this into your trousseau, customizing your style of choice with designs in the most traditional mango motifs, leaf motifs, or peacock motifs. You can use a single motif or combine all of them together in beautiful red, green, and blue stones to make your necklace stand out. Another unique combination is that of a yellow finished gold adorned with emerald green and rani pink stones, and dazzling whit pearls.

Floral Kasumala

A Kasumala is an essential necklace piece in South India. Every South Indian bride will always have this first in her jewellery collection. Even if you aren’t a South Indian bride, you can always take inspiration from it, and have your own kasumala made. A Kasumala is generally a series of small gold coins overlapping one another, but you can add on some floral touch to it to make your very own unique design.

Where to get these designs?

Make sure to include these amazing three designs into your jewellery collection before stepping into your new life. While you can always include the all-time favourite kundan, pearls, diamonds, jadau, and other designs that never go out of fashion, the above three jewellery pieces will definitely make you stand out from the other ladies in the crowd. You can step into Aura Jewels to have such designs customized as per your choice and preference. This is the perfect customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can work with talented designers to have your necklaces designed with your choice of motifs, colours, and shapes.