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Buy residence permit online to avoid the hassles of the official channels

October 22, 2019 by Allen Smith  

What is a residence permit card?

This is a legal document or card which is required in some regions or states to allow foreign nationals to live in a country for a particular period of time. The permit card may be either for temporary residency or permanent residency. The residence permit in some regions is issued expressly to extend a stay period which is on the threshold of expiry. This is usually a step towards applying for permanent residency. However a residence permit allow people from other country to stay in another country and carry out activities for which a visa has been granted. You get residence permit cards from government authorities by applying through appropriate the channels. But you can always make an exception and buy residence permit online as there are avenues that can get you one when you don’t want to obtain one through proper channels.

Residence status may be granted to a number instances and the condition for acceptance as a resident of the country could change overtime. For example, the present range of criteria would include a skilled migrant, an investor or retired parent of New Zealand citizen and many others. In the United States the permanent residence card or the PRC is also known as a Green Card and is issued to people migrating under the INA or Immigration and Nationality Act. The green card holders get the same rights, benefits and privileges reserved for people permanently residing in the United States.  In the US there is an estimated population of 13.2 million Green Card holders out of which 8.9 millions are qualified to obtain the citizenship of the United States. According to reports an approximate number of 65,000 of those card holders are serving the Armed Forces of the United States.

Who are eligible for green card or permanent residency?

The PRC or Green Card holders could become permanent citizens of the US after showing proof of 5 years of uninterrupted residency and a show of exemplary moral character during the stay. Children under the age of 18 become automatically eligible for permanent citizenship if one of their parents is American. The US Government issues a legal permanent resident permit or green card, which was formerly known as “alien registration receipt card” or “alien registration card”. The importance of the card reflects on the fact that it proves that the card holder is a legal immigrant and is governed under all the constitutional rights like every other American citizen. The car may be utilized to obtain driver license or State ID card. Not carrying the green card will land immigrants under the age of 18 in jail for 30 days.

If you do not want to go through the ordeal of obtaining a residence permit through official channels there is always the online channel that open to you with purposeful offers. Yes, you can buy residence permit online and that is a genuine one. Of course it could be a genuine permit card all data is stored as per government database so worried not it is totally original residential permit. For more details visit our website.