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October 23, 2019 by OLE Chemical  

Sodium Metabisulfite is an inorganic chemical formula that’s also known as sodium pyrosulfite and sometimes referred to disodium or metabisulfite.  It’s created by evaporating sodium bisulfite and sulfur dioxide which leaves behind a white or yellow solid.  It is a then turned into a powder for use.  This has a wide variety of uses as a preservative, disinfectant, and antioxidant.  It’s known as E223, which is a food additive that preserves and adds antioxidants to food.  Home winemakers and homebrewers may use this when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing their equipment.  It can also be added to wine as a source of SO2, which is a bactericide and antioxidant.  It’s also used to clean desalination systems’ potable water reverse osmosis membranes.  It may also be used after drinking water has been treated by removing the chemical chloramine.  Photographers can also use this chemical.  It can also be used for bleaching coconut cream. It is used as reductant of the developing agent and protective agent for the fixative in photographic industry.



Sodium Metabisulfite (or Sodium pyrosulfite) is an inorganic compound consisted of sodium, sulfur and oxygen, which is a white, or yellowish-white crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water. It has been providing sodium metabisulfite solution worldwide. Our Na2S2O5 industrial grade product has a wide range of usages in various industries for different purpose, such as water treatment, mineral dressing agent, deoxidizer and sulfonating agent in chemical and medical fields. We offer Sodium Metabisulfite Powder Industrial Grade in China. Our product has a wide range of usages in various industries for different purpose, such as sodium metabisulfite preservative, Na2S2O5 Brewing, and so on.


We mainly focus on production of magnesium chloride—Industrial and food grade- and Sodium metabisulfite—Industrial, food and high purity grade. With strong R&D capacity and rich nature resources in Binhai area, it has become one of largest chemical suppliers in Shandong with annual production capacity of 120,000MT Sodium metabisulfite and 100,000MT of magnesium chloride.


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