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How new technologies help you to maintain pools?

October 23, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Having an optimal quality in the water of our pools is essential to avoid health problems. We always believe that the water is clean, however, it is not always the case.

In torontopoolservices.ca, we are convinced that the tasks to maintain a clean pool are very simple. The most important thing is to understand certain aspects of water care and how to keep it clean. Also, we have years of experience in pool heater installation.

When the first filling of the pool is done, it is, in general, already treated and free of any bacteria or microorganisms, since the pools and more if they are outdoors received bacteria in different ways.

That is when we bathe we leave organic remains such as sweat, mucous membranes, urine, etc., as well as we leave remains and inorganic as are the remains of sunscreens and creams.

This makes the water in the pool a mushroom crop, although it looks clear and clean because it is ideal to maintain it with the new technologies to clean pools. And because of this, you need pool liner replacement.

Today there is a wide variety of disinfection systems on the market. In reality, all these systems work in the same way, one part works to destroy water contaminants and the rest remains residual.

That is, everything is prepared to fight the new pollutants that are introduced through the wind.

To ensure good disinfection of the pool water must be at a residual level between 1 and 2 ppm, for this reason, it is important to have our new technologies that will help you get good maintenance.

Our products that will help you with cleaning your pool:

Automation in water filtration processes:

This is one of the most important actions since the operation of the system will depend on the quality of the water in our pool.

Automated management:

The integration of sensors makes it recognize the lack of water or excess that is in it, either by evaporation or by all the water that will stop outside the bathrooms. That is, this system makes the level control of Water is maintained at an optimal level.

Alert System:

It is a reminder for pool maintenance. In addition, a function of alerts to changes in the optimal conditions of the pool water is integrated.

Temperature control:

Maintains and regulates water temperature.

PH regulation:

An inadequate pH level can cause skin irritation, as well as the deterioration of some materials that make up the pool.

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