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What maintenance do community pools need?

October 23, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

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It is essential to be informed about the aspects to be taken into account and to know the safety and sanitary regulations applicable to a community pool.

Pool water maintenance:

With regard to pool water, there are two fundamental factors related to water quality to which we must pay special attention:

What is the pool water pH?

The acronym pH means hydrogen potential and is a measure that indicates the acidity or basicity of water. This measure is determined by the number of hydrogen-free ions (H +) in the substance.

The pH measurement scale comprises values from 0 to 14 - 0 being the most acidic, 14 the most basic and placing the Neutral pH at 7.

With a pH below 7.2, too acidic, water can irritate the eyes, mucous membranes and affect the skin.

Water disinfection of community pools:

We must avoid both the proliferation of bacteria in the water and the generation of algae because they provide the right environment for fungi to grow. Currently, two different methods are used to treat water: chlorine treatment (sodium chloride) and saline chlorination.

Maintenance tasks for a pool:


- Analyze the PH of the water and add the necessary product to keep it between 7.2 and 7.6.

- Analyze the level of chlorine (free residual chlorine). Adjust it to the necessary levels.

- Clean the water surface of leaves, insects and other waste.


- Clean skimmers

- Clean walls and backgrounds

- Make backwash and clean the precleaner of the treatment plant,

- Replace the chlorine tablets.

- Check the machinery and treatment plants.

In winter:

Once the bathing season is over, you can choose between two options:

- Leave the pool full: In this case, you must carry out a deep cleaning job, eliminating bacteria and algae with the chemicals. It is also necessary to clean twice a week, along with water treatment.

- Empty the pool: Maintenance involves thorough cleaning at the closing and opening of the pool. It is not the best option because it can damage the structure of the pool.

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