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How does a swimming pool pump work?

October 23, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

We all want a swimming pool, to be able to spend the hottest hours inside its fresh and especially clean water. If you finally decided to build yours, there are several things to take into account so you don't have any impediments when you want to use it.

Before choosing what material we are going to cover it we need to choose the filtration system, which is responsible for keeping the water crystalline without draining it throughout the year. In order for all the components of the filtration system to function properly, a good quality pump like Hayward ecostar pump is required to circulate at least once a day all the water that your pool contains.

The Hayward pool pump creates the flow of water that circulates the chemicals in a homogeneous way through the pool so that the water is disinfected and remains crystalline. Water moves from the pool to the filter, the heater, and the chlorinator so that it can be fully filtered before returning to the pool.

How does it work?

- Water is extracted from the pool by means of the skimmer and bottom drains to be carried to the pump.

- Since it is in the pump, it passes through the filter where the waste will be retained.

- Subsequently, the water reaches the pool heater if it has one.

- Finally, the chlorinator is channeled to end his journey by returning to the pool.

How to choose the right pump?

When purchasing a Hayward super pump, two extremely important things must be taken into account so that it is fully functional in our pool:

The filter capacity: The filter has a certain filtration capacity and is limited. If the pump moves more water than can be filtered, furrows can develop in the sand inside the filter that will allow dirty water to pass through.

The power and power supply: For the power supply you need to take into account the electrical voltage of the house. For power, we require that our Hayward tristar pump can move all the water in the pool in a time that does not exceed 8 hours.

The important thing is that at the time of building the pool you will be left with correct spaces for all the necessary equipment, as well as being on the lookout for the maintenance of a complete filtration system so that its proper functioning does not decay.