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Top discount jewelry design concept - 3 design ideas

October 24, 2019 by karry  

Choosing wedding ring designs can be the most tricky situation for a man. You need to be extra careful. This post is for the men who actually face problems in selecting the right ring for their beloved soon-to-be bride.


Be it a diamond engagement ring or an exotic pearl engagement ring, you need to be sure it suits your loves style. Let’s get you started on these top wedding ring design ideas.


Vintage Halo Oval Wedding Ring Design Ideas for The Modern Bride

Small round cut diamonds are just perfect for the frame to provide a contrast to the oval sapphire. It is a Halo arrangement and will give a stunning look on the wedding day. Your bride will love it as it gives a royal look.


White Sapphire & pink in 18K Rose Gold Engagement Ring

An elegant choice for her will be a rose gold Halo cushion white Sapphire ring. It is an inspiring vintage pearl ring which dresses up with your look. Crafted perfectly in the elegant and noble 18K rose gold. This ring can be simply outstanding for your bride and will make her love it at first sight.


Marquise Rope Design Bridal Set Design Ideas

Diamond engagement and weddings rings have their owned relevance. People love them because there are so many designs and shapes available in diamond rings. Marquise cut diamond is one such shape that gives elegance.

A scrollwork setting is more than a traditional, vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring. It more of an organic looking. With a Marquise cut diamond at its centre stone, it looks more of playful and a unique wedding ring. It will definitely give your bride-to-be an astounding elegant look.


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