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Cassava flour processing machine for flour making

October 24, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

Cassava flour processing machine consists of the most basic six parts, washing, crushing, dewatering, drying, milling and packaging.

flour machine (5)

Cassava flour making process

1. Cassava cleaning and washing

The step mainly includes two machines for cassava processing: cassava cleaning machine and paddle washing machine.
Cassava cleaning machine: it is used to remove outer dirt and impurities of cassava. For processing of cassava into flour, the machine can also help to remove some impurities of cassava.

Paddle washing machine: after cassava cleaning machine, cassava will be transported to paddle washing machine. This cassava flour processing machine adopts countercurrent priciple to wash cassava. Cassava will flow in the counter direction against water, then the cassava will washed cleaner.

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Cassava cleaner machine

2. Crushing machine: Among the crushing for the processing of cassava flour. Utilising the rasping machine in the crushing section, the Rasper has a high rotational speed, a high linear velocity, and an ideal crushing effect. The equipment is more stable and is under a vibration absorbing device. In addition, the energy consumption is quite small.

3. Dewatering machine: it adopts a plate and frame filter press, and the reinforced polypropylene filter plate is molded by a plurality of patented technologies, and the surface is flat, smooth and high in strength and light in weight. The racks are all made with high-strength steel welded parts. The frame has high strength, stable structure and long service life, which can withstand the strong pressure caused by the filter press.

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Dewatering machine

4. Drying machine: The flash dryer is a novel horizontal intermittent vacuum drying device. The flash dryer is well insulated with the product contact surface made of stainless steel and a semiautomated feeder. It could be operated with combined kerosene/spent oil. This cassava flour processing machine is user friendly and will encourage greater cassava flour production business.

5. Cassava flour milling machine: mill the dried coarse cassava flour to produce fine cassava flour. Milling can be done using a roller mill machine.

6. Flour packaging machine: pack desired quantities into a woven polythene sack with a plastic lining, seal or stitch the sack to keep the flour clean and fresh during storage. Properly label the packages according to the standards of national regulatory agencies.


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