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Choosing A Certified Transcription Services

October 24, 2019 by zayn pedro  

Opting for certified transcription service providers is a great help to deliver quality output most cost-effectively efficiently. It also serves many purposes for businesses such as capturing meetings, interviews, marketing, making SEO-compatible transcripts for podcasts, videos, and other more.


Certified transcription services are also widely used for other institutions such as universities, court hearings, webinars, seminars, and more. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing certified transcription services for you.


·         Accuracy and Quality

In choosing the best-certified transcription service provider, you must first verify their accuracy rate and review quality output. Some providers offer automated transcriptions, others have manual transcriptions, and other more uses both methods. Depending on your intended goal and purpose, scrutinizing the methodologies used is also a way to determine accuracy and quality output.


·         ISO Certified

Knowing that the company is an ISO-certified will also ensure you of their quality-control mechanisms and how effective they are.


·         Skills and Location

Hiring local experts and professional transcribers within your area is also much preferred and highly recommended. A native speaker is undoubtedly an advantage because they will be able to understand the language intricacies. Whether it is technical, accented, or industry-specific, native language experts are more capable of comprehending the actual theme.


·         Confidentiality

Information security and guaranteed assurance on the level of confidentiality requirements is also essential, especially for sensitive information and content. Professional transcription companies such as Vanan Online Services provide definite proof of data server security.


One of the best ways to spot the best and certified transcription service provider is to ask for recommendations. Vanan Online Services are confident that their customer service provides utmost customer satisfaction by aligning with their customer’s goal. They also offer timely, accurate, and budget-friendly solutions for all your transcription needs and requirements. With the growing demand for transcription service providers, Vanan Online Services is truly one which offers quality and certified transcription services.