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Buy LED Strip Profiles, Channel and Extrusion – Smart Lighting Industries

October 24, 2019 by Smart Lighting Industries  

LED Extrusions (also called LED Profiles) are available in both Recessed and Surface Mounted options. Recessed lighting sometimes offers the best magical effect. Tucked away between dark wood, or in a wall, recessed lighting has the power to emit the right kind of light without having to expose the other parts of the lighting system. LED Extrusions are the ultimate choice of designers to lend an ethereal effect to the lighting system at homes or workspaces. Maintenance of any lighting system is crucial to extend the life of the system and to ensure that the quality of light emitted remains the same. Led extrusion Profiles also help to ensure that maintenance of the system is easier. Here is a complete lowdown on Led extrusion.

Anodised aluminium Recessed Lighting to fit perfectly in 25 mm wide recesses. The Led extrusion, around 25 mm in width are the perfect size to recess into almost any surface deeper than 25mm. The anodised aluminium is long lasting and is designed to house the Led extrusion  lighting in perfect condition, free from dust and other particles that may reduce the overall effect of the lighting. Led extrusion the small width of the recesses makes the lighting more elegant without disturbing the design element of the surface. The recessed lighting actually increases the appeal of the surface with the right amount and kind of light to emphasise the design.

Led extrusion Profiles sport a frosted cover over the front of the Led extrusion Tape, making the light appear slightly muted or diffused. This creates a softening effect that is impressive and appealing. Rather than sharp light that may sometimes be inappropriate for certain spaces, muted or diffused light has a pleasing effect. Led extrusion a restaurant, for instance may require just the right kind of lighting to create an ambience for a romantic dinner. Recessed lighting through a frosted cover help to create the right mood for the occupants of the room.


One of the greatest advantages of Led extrusion is the ease of installation. All that is required is two-way adhesive, glue, or simple screws. Due to the light weight and the size of the recesses, it is possible to get the anodised aluminium to snugly fit into evenly sized recesses. Led extrusion without the need for elaborate duct laying or concealed wiring requirements, the recesses act as fittings as well as ducts.

Maintenance of all fittings is a necessity to ensure life and quality of output. Led extrusion offer easy maintenance of lighting. Dust, moisture and smoke that may spiral from kitchens or workspaces, will not affect the quality of lighting. Led extrusion all that is required is routine dusting to keep the surfaces clean. It is important to note that cleaning a flat and even surface is a lot easier than cleaning a surface that is uneven and in different shapes. Led extrusion are extremely easy to clean and maintain.


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