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Colorful Fashion – Adding Power and Elegance to Attitudes

October 25, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Color can wield tremendous power over our persona and attitudes. When we see a color, our eyes begin communicating with the hypothalamus of our brain, which then sends a series of signals to other glands and systems of our body. One of those glands is the thyroid glands, which release hormones that regulate our mood fluctuations, behavior, and emotions. Hence proved that colors affect us tremendously!




Algorithmic Art




Today, colorful fashion is getting more and more popular among people. Hence the fashion world is all set to infuse its creativity into colorful fashion to allure more people. You can find numerous styles, patterns, and designs in the market today that make the color a fashion statement. Let us discover some stylish colorful fashion that will add elegance to your persona and brighten up your daily look –


  • Color Family Infusion


Monochromatic looks are classy! If you are someone who adores the monochromatic look, infusing color families can be your best bet. Using different shades of the same color offers a cohesive look. For instance, go for a combination of darker shades of blue with a lighter shade of blue. 


And to add more elegance, you can pair it up with neutral accessories like silver or gold jewelry, a neutral colored bag or clutch, and likewise. Mixing and matching up color family creates fun and flirty outfits to die for!


  • Diverse Patterns

Playing with colors becomes easier and fun-filled with patterns. So if you are looking for adding lively and colorful clothing to your wardrobe, then go for patterned fashion. A new pattern that is trending the most today is the recursive fashion, which infuses various graphical patterns and designs, creating funky and chic colorful fashion statements. 


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