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Top discount jewelry design concept – 3 design ideas

October 25, 2019 by karry  

Yesterday we shared three ideas for jewelry design:

Vintage Halo Oval Wedding Ring Design Ideas for The Modern Bride.

White Sapphire & pink in 18K Rose Gold Engagement Ring.

Marquise Rope Design Bridal Set Design Ideas.


Today, we continue to share the other three jewelry design ideas of top jewelers. I hope that you will read this article carefully and buy the wedding ring that suits you best.


Pear in White Sapphire Vine Ring in Sterling Silver

Do you want to elevate the style of your partner? If yes, then stop thinking and go for a pear ring. This is a very feminine design with a pear created white Sapphire as the center stone. V-design make this a very stylish engagement rings for her.

V-design with a pear created white Sapphire will be sparkling with white sapphires to give a charming look to the ring. It is a thoughtful choice as the ring is highly polished for a brighter shine.


Make use of a cushion cut diamond. Using a delicate setting, make the engagement ring feminine and perfect dainty for your partner.


Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Classic Radiant Created White Sapphire 3PC Wedding Set

You must have seen celebrity’s engagement rings right? They all like this style. A radiant cut diamond will look intruding over a round setting.


For more information on jewelry design and purchase, please follow me. Spend the least amount of money to buy the wedding set that suits you best.


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