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Aquarium Store | Fish Tank Store in Bangalore

October 25, 2019 by aquariumcraze  


Welcome to Aquarium Craze!


Aquarium Craze is an ONLINE AQUARIUM STORE  founded by Lawrence.

Our philosophy is to inspire, promote, understand, appreciate and conserve aquatic life.


Aquarium Craze, Bangalore, specialize in commercial and residential aquarium sales and we offer a wide range of Imported and Custom Made aquarium tanks. The satisfaction of our clients mirrors our success. Our aquarium designers also interact with top interior designers and architects on several projects, where custom made aquariums have been installed. We believe that a good aquarium design is not just about size, but also about aesthetics. We offer custom made fish tanks, exotic aquarium designs and also assist in the installation and maintenance of the same. Our aquarium consultants assist in conceptualization, aquarium design architecture and development, and maintenance. We also provide life support systems, aquatic filtration and lighting systems, acrylic design options, quarantine systems, aquarium livestock species, accessories etc.




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