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How natural ingredients can be used for men's face care

October 25, 2019 by MichaelKorman  

Being a guy, you may have taught that washing the face with a bar of soap and scrubbing it dry for sometimes are the only step to take care of the face, But except this there are several more ways which can be used for cleaning face for a man.

Today, In this article we are going to know about some natural ingredients for men's face care and how it is done.

We will discuss about few steps that are being used in recent days, so how natural ingredients for men's face carecan be done, let's see.

1. Find a cleanser that suits on your skin.

A good cleaner will help to clean your face deeply and will remove all the debris from your face skin, Don't just use a bar soap to clean your skin because using it too much can be harmful for your skin and it will dry out your face, Look for a cleanser that is made with natural ingredients and is suitable for your skin, Although using natural ingredients is very safe and it won't damage your skin tissue, So choosing a natural cleanser will be the best for face care for a man.

2. Wash your face once a day.

Washing your face more often than once is not the best thing to do for the skincare, Decide to clean your skin every morning or every night using your natural cleanser but not both the times, If you want to be fresh sometimes then it is better to splash cool or lukewarm water on your face without using a cleanser, Try to use it once a day, It will help you a lot.

3. Exfoliate twice or thrice in a week.

Using a facial scrub or facial exfoliating brush twice or thrice a week will help you to get rid of your dead skin and the dirt that generally can't be removed by the face wash, will be removed and it will leave your skin even brighter and healthier, It will also help to soften your skin so that you don't have to face any kind of problem while shaving your face, Whenever you are scrubbing your face try to rub your face in a circular motion and later rinse it with water.

4. Use a daily moisturizer.

Whether you use a cream, powder, oil or any other products to clean up your face, It is better to moisturize your skin every day after washing, Doing so will help your skin to retain is elasticity and also prevent some uneven itching, Choose a good moisturizer for your skin, Natural will be more better.

5. Use sunscreen.

Facial skin easily get damaged by the effect of sun exposure, So, It is important to use sunscreen every time wherever you go somewhere out in the scorching sun, It will help you to prevent your skin from the sunstroke, you can smear sunscreen on your lips too.

6. Use a good razor for shaving.

Whether you like to be completely clean shaved or have some beard and moustache in your face, you’ll need to shave some parts of your face on a regular basis to remove unnecessary hair, And for this a good razor will help you a lot, Get a sharp and high quality razor to do this job.

7. Wash your face with warm water before shaving.

Using warm water before shaving will make your skin softer; it will also help to get rid of the dirt and bacteria that are present in your skin.

8. Use the right shaving technique.

Before shaving, smear the shaving cream on your face and rub it, Don't shave your face dry or using only water to get your face wet, always use shaving cream to do this job, After this use the razor to shave your face you can use electric razor also which will make your shaving easier, the blade of the razor should be sharp enough to shave.

9. Rinse your face when finished.

Use cold water to rinse your face after shaving and reduce bleeding from any nicks that you might have gotten.

These are some of the things that a man should know to keep his face skin clean, clear and healthier by using only natural ingredients.

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In 2007, Michael Korman, founder of Red Burst Cosmetics Ltd., developed facial spots from sun exposure.  Our founder learned that 1 in 5 people develop skin cancer by age 70 according to North American skin cancer statistics.  At store level many label ingredients indicate that skin creams appear laced with chemicals. Are you concerned with your daily usage of lotions and creams that are absorbed into your skin? 

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  • In the USA, from age 50 on, significantly more men develop melanoma than women. Overall, 1 in 27 caucasian men and 1 in 42 caucasian women will develop melanoma in their lifetimes.*

  • Men age 49 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer in North America.*